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Moore Thoughts - Musk a mess
taylor moore

Elon Musk really is the silliest man alive. Actually, I think Musk is one of the most treacherous people alive. His recent purchase of Twitter is one of the funniest misuses of money ever. The company was not worth the $44 billion he spent on the app, and his attempts to back out of that deal are evidence that he shot too high.

That is the first of many fumbles this man-child has made. Of course, the first thing he did was try and invite Donald Trump back to Twitter. Although I am not a Trump fan, I really could not care less if he returned to Twitter. However, Musk's dream to bring back the former president was short-lived as Trump hilariously said he isn’t even interested in coming back to Twitter.

Musk’s Twitter gets worse as the company has literally implemented a policy to protect Twitter employees from accidentally getting fired by Musk. The best thing he has done is delete Kanye West’s account only after the European Union threatened to shut Twitter down if he didn’t fix his moderation tactics.

Twitter Blue is just his latest right idea. Just a brief explanation, verification is awarded to someone for being famous essentially and is signified with a blue checkmark next to an account's handle. This is to let Twitter users know that is the official account for a specific celebrity or business and is not a fake.

Cut to Twitter Blue which was originally proposed to be a $20 subscription to the app to keep the verified symbol. Of course, verified users refused this, and a funny exchange with Stephen King influenced Musk to drop the price to $8.

Musk also added that verified accounts can keep their status without paying, so it seems like a good compromise. Semi-colon, however, comma, the Twitter trolls actually subscribed to the service.

Now with verified status, countless accounts started impersonating real verified accounts and tweeting the most abhorrent stuff. Not only were there multiple parody Elon Musk accounts, but businesses were being impersonated as well.

The most viral came from someone impersonating Eli Lilly and Company in which the fake account tweeted, “We are excited to announce insulin is free now.” With the verified symbol, it looks like a legit tweet from the company, but of course, it was not.

The company’s stock plummeted after this incident, and many Twitter advertisers wisely pulled their partnerships with the website. In just over a month, Musk has ruined professional relationships with big businesses because a grown-up child was given billions of dollars. The current stock for Tesla and Apple have been dropping thanks to their ties with the big oaf.

Ironically though, is Twitter actually going under because of this? I’m not too sure because despite everyone on Twitter joking about deserting the app for better social media sites, this is the most engagement I have seen on the app in a while.

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