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Moore Thoughts - I'd win Survivor
taylor moore

This current season of Survivor is coming to a close, and I’d like to just update from my last column. Two of my winner picks are not only still in the game with only eight contestants left, they are both seemingly running the show right now. So, despite one player I picked going sooner than I wanted, the other two have proven to be very strong players and I think one of them will win.

However, my column is not about how well they are doing, it’s about how well I would do. Publisher Pat Zechman asked how I would do on Survivor if I ever went on, to which I answered, “I would win, of course.”

Do I really think I would win? It depends on the cast and the twists, but I do think I have what it takes to win Survivor. And with a million bucks on the line, I think I would be pretty focused. My family that I watched Big Brother with have always said I should go on Big Brother, but after starting to watch Survivor, I think that’s a better fit for me.

First of all, Survivor is shorter, being only 26 days long compared to 99 days on Big Brother. Second, if I get eliminated on Survivor, I get a paid trip to Fiji for the remainder of filming. Finally, I have the outdoor skills for Survivor, so it’s pretty clear which of the two shows I would want to do.

As a Scout, I have been trained and now train younger Scouts how to live in the woods. I literally have taught the "Wilderness Survival" merit badge at summer camp. I know how to start fires, build shelters and climb trees. I don’t know how to spear fish, but I can figure that one out. The survival aspect of the game, I’m not too worried.

I think I would do well on the social aspect of the game as well. I like to think I am a likeable enough person to make it far with allies, but also not so likeable that I am seen as a threat to the others. As long as you aren’t a social pariah or an obvious physical threat (someone who can win challenges), you can easily make it far.

If there’s one thing I learned recently is that I would not be too strong in the challenges, and that would be my weakness going into the game. While the newspaper staff has been stressed about the Countywide coming out on Wednesday, Ashley’s Attic provided brain-teaser and fidgety toys to editorial employees to help destress.

Included was a few handheld puzzles that reminded me of puzzles commonly seen on Survivor. Well, turns out, I am not amazing at these puzzles, so my true weakness going into Survivor would most definitely be the challenges.

However, I think my social skills and sheer competitiveness would help me in the game. I would love to go on eventually just for the experience and to have my own buff to wear. And if I leave with a million dollars, that would be fantastic, too.

Standard reporter Taylor Moore can be reached at (931) 473-2191.