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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Our town has much to offer
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It was brought to my attention that on Urban Dictionary, McMinnville is described as “a small town in Middle Tennessee in the county of Warren, known as the Nursery Capital of the World but commonly referred to as MethMinnville or MacTown. It was scientifically proven to be the most boring place on earth and is filled with corruption, greed, and hypocrisy.”

It goes on to refer to our town as “the black hole as it has proven time and time again that no matter how successful you are or how far away you travel you will inevitably return as nothing, not even light, can escape its grasp.”

I don’t deny the derogatory nickname “MethMinnville” exists and is used by some, much like actual meth. However, methamphetamine and opioid-use is a national epidemic not localized to our small town. 

After some thought, I’d like to counter this so-called description with one of my own. Boring? As the one responsible for the community calendar portion of the paper, I can tell you there are plenty of local events happening. From fundraisers to arts and crafts festivals, if you’re bored, it’s because of your own choosing or lack of interest.

Each special community that makes up our county – Viola, Irving College, Dibrell, Centertown, Morrison and townies come together for all sorts of shindigs. So, in my experience, Warren County is filled with caring, community-minded people, who assemble in good times like homecoming, wedding and baby showers and other celebrations. I’ve also seen citizens rally in bad times to support those who’ve suffered a death or are struggling with a serious illness. 

Comparable to finding a church without sinners, there’s no escaping corruption, greed or hypocrisy no matter where you move. That’s plain and simple.

The last part is so preposterous and downright silly that I can’t help but wonder if it was written by an angsty teen – “No matter how successful you are or how far away you travel you will inevitably return as nothing, not even light, can escape its grasp.”

I know tons of people who have moved or returned to McMinnville, who boast beautiful families, successful careers … who’ve been blessed with a variety of God-given talents that help our world in big and small ways. Whether these people return permanently or just for a visit, their successes remain. 

It’s all about perspective. Let’s focus on Warren County’s natural beauty, growth and revitalization. Instead of slamming our small town, let’s work to improve it while being grateful for all the good things that come with small-town living. 

For me, McMinnville has been a place of support, of friendships and family, of comfort and possibilities. A place where my name is remembered along with the rest of my family tree. The place I can return after traveling to new cities, states and countries. The place where I began and the place for new beginnings. 

Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.