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Livin' la Vida Lacy - I'm in the market for a new car
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Looks like Ross and I may be starting off 2020 with a new ride, or rather, new to us. So we’ll be saying goodbye to Ross’ 2009 Ford Edge. 

I’ll be honest. I’ve never favored his SUV and I’m not fond of driving it. Still, I’m thankful for the luxury of having two reliable vehicles. 

Right now, the Edge has 176,000 miles. For Ross, it has survived college, youth ministry and commuting for work. A stuck CD creates a weird vibrating rattle every time it’s started, but Ross and I hardly notice anymore.

There’s a couple of other quirks, but for the most part, the Edge has been doing OK. However, here lately there’s been some indication that her demise is near. So, what will we be replacing the Edge with? Hopefully, a 2017 Subaru Forester.

I come from a family of Subaru drivers – my aunt, cousins and grandparents. On road trips, I’ve gotten to test drive Grandma’s on several occasions and I really like it. With its tall roof, roomy interior and standard all-wheel-drive system, the Forester has remained a family favorite.

Add in Subaru’s excellent resale values, good fuel economy and top-rate safety and crash test scores, and it sounds like a good option. Lucky for me, Grandpa is an expert at researching and finding the best deal. 

So now for the fun stuff, choosing exterior and interior color while also considering all the bells and whistles. According to Grandpa, with a Subaru, there’s limited, touring, and premium options. When scrolling through trying to understand the comparison between the three, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. 

Since Ross wants to take my Altima, I’m left to make most of the decisions. I’ve settled on a 2017 Subaru Forester limited in jasmine green metallic with gray leather seating. Of course, I’ve not seen it in person yet.

Like any big purchase, buying a new car is pretty stressful. Thankfully, I don’t have to rely on my own research. Oh and fun fact about me – I’ve never owned a new car. I’ve always been content buying a slightly used car. 

This was reinforced when Ross and I took Dave Ramsey’s financial peace class. I remember being stunned by how quickly a new car loses its value. Here’s the example Ramsey provided:

Initial Car Value - $35,000

New Car Value After…

1 minute - $31,500

1 year - $28,000

2 years - $24,500

3 years - $21,000

4 years - $18,500

5 years - $15,000

Now, do I live by or even remember every guideline suggested by Ramsey? No, but this one stuck. If you are a new car person, that’s fine. I’m not trying to start a new vs. used car debate. The real question is – am I going to be willing to give up Coco, my car, to Ross knowing his untidy habits with her black interior? I guess we will see who ends up driving the Subaru afterall.

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