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Letter to the Editor 9-6
Do Christians here have equal rights?
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The world has become obsessed with being politically correct, intolerant and resisting certain flags or statues with hostile protests. The nation is torn in appeasing these emotions.
We cannot pray in schools or at any of their events. The very mention of “Jesus” or “the Bible” offends many.
I understand specific actions could cause unbearable pain, and/or humiliation. There is no place in our society for racial or religious persecution.
What is justice for one, is an injustice for another. We can’t seem to settle our own issues, although we live in the most civilized nation in the world. So, legislators make laws to resolve “our” differences.
Varying denominational Christians have differences, yet live in harmony. This letter concerns Christian values, non-Christian values and lawmakers settling our divide.
The law implies you cannot pray, display sacred symbols, images, or express your faith while on government property. This hard-core rule is “the separation between church and state.” Angry lawsuits have arisen when this rule was ignored.
Legal action was first petitioned to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Engel v. Vitale case in 1962, then by Madalyn O’Hair’s in 1963 and later by the Mormons and Catholics in 2000.
With government settling our differences, laws must be upheld by ALL groups. After all, the law is the law!
In McMinnville, this law seems to be ignored concerning the statue of Lady Hebe.
No one would suspect this statue to be the subject of controversy. Hebe was donated by the Women’s Civic League in 1914. They most likely had no idea what this statue represented, only attempting to memorialize their gallant contributions.
However, Hebe represents a very demonic god, a cupbearer for the false gods and goddess of Mount Olympus. Hebe is the daughter of Zeus. Zeus is referred to as satan in the Bible.
In Revelation 2:13, Jesus tells the Church at Pergamos; He knows where satan’s seat is and where satan dwells. Now satan did not have a seat or dwell inside the church. However, satan did have an idol in Pergamos; known as Zeus. Zeus, a Greek god known as the king of gods throughout the ancient world and Pergamos’ “chief” god. Known as Jupiter in the KJV of the Bible and Zeus in all other versions, (Acts 14:12-15; Google “the seat of satan”).
Now idols have no life in them, they can’t walk, talk or work miracles. It is the demonic representation these idols have that is of such concern to us and God. The first commandment states “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” The Almighty knew there was no other god greater than Himself. But it is a stench in the nostrils of our Lord for His people to have a false god in their presence.
There are eight churches within a mile of this statue, a great concern! Knowing who this statue represents, would you allow her on your church lawn? If not, why would you allow her to stand in the middle of your town, as in Pergamos where God was so displeased? Would God be pleased if she was a historical monument?
Christians must stand up for the word of God and reject evil. Your Christian denomination is irrelevant in this case. This letter relates to good versus evil and the state versus the church.
The populist of McMinnville is now aware of the meaning of Hebe. Within the rule of law, what are the choices: challenge its validity to exist, erect a Christian monument, or accept the dual standard?
Jerry Lyle
Collinwood Drive