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Letter to the Editor 8-7
Thank you, MES
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A large shout-out and thank you, McMinnville Electric System.
Last Sunday evening suddenly there was a loud pop and many of the lights in the house, but not all, went out. I stepped outside and noticed that the service line was slack.
I called MES and Mr. Ralph Dunn answered. I briefly explained what happened and Mr. Dunn said they would send a crew out in 30 minutes. It was barely 30 minutes and the MES service truck pulled up. Mr. Phillip Rowland diagnosed the problem, and he and Mr. Justin McGregor had the electric service restored in less than 45 minutes.
A large thank you MES for your rapid response and repair.
McMinnville Electric System is an excellent utility and we as citizens are fortunate that you are part of our community.
Dave Wideman
E. Main Street