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Letter to the Editor 6-28
We already approved wheel tax for schools
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I would like to extend my praise to county commissioners for their refusal to raise property taxes on the citizens of Warren County by 19 cents.
This raise in taxes is uncalled for, in my opinion. County voters a few years ago made the decision to keep the wheel tax in place that was supposed to go away once the high school and Hickory Creek were paid off.
I supported this, along with many others I know, because it was the right thing to do. Supporting education is the right thing to do, but, like the rest of us, our school system needs to be mindful of how they spend their money just like we do.
Not long ago, Director of Schools Bobby Cox came out and said our teachers were making great salaries. But when I speak to many people I know who were once, or are now teachers, they cannot survive on the salaries they make. In fact many people who have taught here had to get out to pursue other jobs because their salary was so low.
Almost all of us have been faced with rising healthcare costs and usually speaking we, the people, bear these costs.
I want to urge county commissioners to also deny Mr. Cox the 9 cents he is asking for as well. There is no reason for this. If he wants to continue to ask for more property tax, then why don’t we do away with the wheel tax.

Thank you,
Sam Anderson
Sunburst Drive