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Letter to the Editor 5-10
Local residents were quick to lend a hand
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I hereby propose the city of McMinnville change its official handle from “Tree City” to the “City of the Good Samaritans.”
Here’s why. 
My wife and I were taking a short staycation in McMinnville last week.  Last Friday night, we were walking to our car at Three Star Mall after a great meal at J’s Restaurant. My wife fell in the parking lot and banged herself up pretty badly. 
Immediately, as I was calling 911, a car drove up and the first couple of McMinnville’s good Samaritans came to our rescue. The wife grabbed some paper towels from their car and did her best to stop the bleeding on my wife’s face.  The husband grabbed a pad to put under my wife’s head to keep it off the wet, cold, hard pavement and a blanket to put over her to keep out the rain and cold.  They stayed right with us until the fire rescue and ambulance personnel came to take us to St. Thomas River Park Hospital.
While my wife was being triaged in the ER, who should show up but the second good Samaritan, the owner of J’s Restaurant. He had seen all the commotion in front of the mall and came to see what he could do for us, his recent patrons.  He offered to get our vehicle moved from the mall parking lot to the hospital so we would have access to it, and he did just that.
After my wife was treated in the ER, we wanted to go back to the Best Western to get some rest, but because of my wife’s injuries, she couldn’t drive. I can’t either. A third good Samaritan heard us trying to figure out how we could get back, and he offered to take us home. And he did just that.
The fourth good Samaritan at the Best Western was the reception desk lady who went way beyond the call of duty to make sure we had accommodations for the extra couple days we had to stay in McMinnville until we could get some dear friends from Murfreesboro to drive us and our car back home.
From the bottom of our hearts, my wife and I wish to thank all these McMinnville good Samaritans who, we hope, are reading this letter. They know who they are and just like we don’t know the name of the good Samaritan in the Bible, we’ll never know McMinnville’s good Samaritans’ names either.  But I pray they will know how much we appreciate them.
Joe Garrison