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Letter to the Editor 2-24
Seven commissioners voted to let people talk
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TO THE EDITOR:The Feb. 15 meeting of the Warren County Commission won't go down as one of the finest hours in Warren County government. Once again, a local governing body sought to silence the voice of the people.During that meeting a vote was taken as to whether to allow the public to address the commission. Only seven of the 23 commissioners present thought enough of the people to vote to allow them to speak.Those seven were Carlene Brown, Wayne Copeland, Carolyn Miller, Kenny Roberts, Scott Rubley, Blaine Wilcher and Michael Wilcher.There is no justification for the 16 county commissioners, elected by the people, to in effect say we don't care to listen to what the people have to say.It has become custom, far too often, to attempt to sweep everything under the rug and hope it disappears.