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Letter to the Editor 12-6
Downtown aglow with holiday cheer
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TO THE EDITOR: If you haven't done so already, you owe it to yourself to take a drive down Main Street after dark and see its transformation into a magical wonderland of lights and holiday spirit.I decided to do just that on my way home from choir practice on Wednesday night. I was so overwhelmed with joy and pride that I got out of my car and just sat on one of the benches to enjoy the beauty.I felt as if I had entered the Magic Kingdom and as I sat there I couldn't help but reflect back to just a few years ago when our downtown was so dilapidated and seemingly beyond saving, but alas, all that has changed and how proud we should all be.I give credit and praise to our city officials and our Main Street Association and businesses. As I sat there, I kept thinking if I were a stranger just passing through, I would want to live here.