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Letter to the Editor 11-30
Tennessee has voted Republican for decades
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To the Editor:
I would like to respond to Mr. Clifford Knudson’s assertion that he has always loved Tennessee because the state, until recently, was a “blue state.” Mr. Knudson obviously is one of those who likes to throw around facts before checking his sources.
In the last 10 presidential elections, Tennesseans have voted Republican eight times, the exceptions being 1992 and 1996. I have to assume Tennesseans simply voted for their favorite son (Al Gore) those two years.
If Mr. Knudson would look back even further, say to 1952, he would find Tennessee has only voted twice more for a Democrat in the presidential elections, in 1964 and 1976. So, in the last 17 presidential elections Tennessee went blue only four times.
Considering Kennedy was probably as conservative as many conservative Republicans today, I don’t count that one. As for the lack of good judgment and common sense in 1992 and 1996 that put Clinton and Gore in office, I reckon I will count those two, as poor judgment and failure to use good common sense are not legitimate excuses for those two lapses.
Now, if by “reds” Mr. Knudson means commies, like the recently deceased Fidel Castro, hero of the left, then Mr. Knudson is correct, they are against everything that is good for this country.
However, if by “reds” Mr. Knudson is referring to his fellow citizens who are sick and tired of corruption in Washington, D.C., and who relish the concepts of freedom and personal responsibility, he is wrong.
If by “reds” he means those of us who abhor the concept that an unborn child, at any stage, is not a person and therefore has no constitutional rights, much less protections, he is wrong. If by “reds” he means those of us who work hard to earn a living to feed, clothe, educate, protect, and rear our own children (and those of too many others who refuse to work), then he is wrong. If we are the people Mr. Knudson is referring to as “reds,” then Mr. Knudson is the problem.
As for the title of “deplorable,” never fear, Mr. Knudson, you absolutely are not one of those!
Robert Ditmore
Extreme Deplorable
Potter Road