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Letter to the Editor 1-22
On being liberal
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I am a liberal. I believe in a government strong enough to protect our businesses from foreign competition. I also believe the government should protect our American work force by preventing manufacturers from taking their businesses out of the country.
I don’t believe in privatizing any government service just to make more billionaires. I don't believe we should meddle in the affairs of other countries. I believe in a strong national defense.
I believe everyone should serve at least one year in the military or community service on turning 18. I believe public education is a good idea and should be fully funded, and allowed to thrive, period.
I believe Social Security is a good idea and should not be used as a bank for government programs. It is our money and not the government's.
I don't have $100,000 or even $10,000 to spend on my healthcare. Your health is your business and your goal. It should not be exclusive to the rich. I think we should roll back Medicare to 55.
I believe in fair wages that pay enough to disqualify people from being on welfare. I don't believe the color of your skin or your religion should matter to anyone except you.
I believe in helping people through our church ministries, our local charities and simply helping each other. If we did all this I believe we could also phase out welfare and food stamps too.
That is what being liberal means to me.

David Clark
Old Shelbyville Hwy.