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Letter to the Editor 1-22
Don't let outsiders own liquor stores
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With the passing of the referendum on packaged liquor stores, a great weight was put on the McMinnville Board of Aldermen. It seems that with that responsibility, the board has rejected the “Try Here, Buy Here” campaign.
The Finance Committee refused to put a local residency requirement in the proposed ordinance. If you look around us, almost every city that allows liquor stores has a residency requirement.
Why would it be that only McMinnville is willing to punish it citizens based on an OPINION that only deals with the state residency requirement?
Good luck to any McMinnville citizens who want to get a liquor license in Manchester, Cookeville, or McMinnville. While it isn’t allowed in two of the three cities, opening one in McMinnville will be exponentially more difficult with outside money being allowed in.

Brett Simmons
Westwood Drive