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Just a Thought - Worst job?
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Reporter continues to top the list as continues to rate the worst jobs in America, while I continue to love my job – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Everyone who contributes to society has a role to play in keeping America moving forward. It really doesn’t matter which career path you choose, everyone adds to the overall effort. Teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, medical and military personnel seem to take the attention, but everyone who works a job in America is important: factory and restaurant workers, farmers, caregivers, childcare workers, custodians and housekeepers, bankers, accountants, etc. I can’t possibly name every job in the country, but you get the idea. 

My role, as I see it, is to keep residents informed about community happenings. That can be related to events, schools, wrecks, fires, crime, weddings, elections, or what government officials are up to recently. While I am human, I make every effort to provide accurate information regarding the topics I cover. While I do determine what’s “newsworthy” as I collect, verify and analyze information for stories, I never ignore pertinent information. rates American jobs based on their environment, wages, outlook, and stress.

As with any job, there is good and bad. For me, the good revolves around the rewarding feeling with a job well done. When I know I’ve given 100%, I can clock out at the end of a long, difficult day and be perfectly content with my efforts.  

The bad usually centers on stress. Specifically, how best to deal with never-ending deadlines and how best to deal with discourteous behavior from some.

During a recent Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, I was insulted by a prominent member of society who wished I had ignored pertinent information and disagreed with financial transparency. Given his career path, you’d think he’d understand what slander means and how to avoid defaming someone’s character with untruths. While an apology would be nice, and maybe in the same venue setting as the insult was given, I doubt I’ll get it. 

Everyone occasionally feels unappreciated at their job, but hopefully, it’s a rare occurrence for all. It’s a great feeling when your work is appreciated. So, when you receive a compliment, hang on to that praise and try not to dwell on negativity. Don’t allow those people to eat away at you. Speak your peace, if needed, and let it go.

According to in 2021, the worst job in America is reporter followed by logging worker, retail salesperson, masonry worker, corrections officer, broadcaster, dockworker, advertising salesperson, painter and roofer. No list has been generated for 2022 that I can find. 

If you happen to work within one of these careers, keep your head held high, give 100% and pat yourself on the back after clocking out at the end of a hard day. You deserve it and are appreciated.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.