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Just a Thought - Pumpkin envy is a real thing
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Happy Halloween!!!

I’ve carved my first pumpkin since my children were small enough to enjoy such an activity, or so I thought. 

Prompting my adventure was an impulse buy of two pumpkins for my daughter and her better half (she’ll love that comment). Not sure why I bought them. I really did enjoy looking through all the pumpkins and attempting to find two that we pretty close to the same size – a must, despite the kids being in their 20s. 

I have two children and learned really quickly the importance of buying pumpkins that are close to the same size. Pumpkin envy is real. I’m still appropriately trained. 

So, there I was digging through four big boxes of pumpkins in an attempt to find two that sat up correctly, had some stalk still on them, and were close to the same size and shape. It’s more difficult that it sounds. 

After I selected two winners, I decided that I needed one of those kits with various designs and carving tools. I wasn’t sure if they already had one, so better safe than sorry.

I got home, placed the two pumpkins on the porch and asked them to come outside. To my amazement, they were both delighted by the gift. I spent maybe $12. 

I urged them to get creative. Devin said he would carve “debt” into his, because that’s the scariest thing he could think of. Absolutely true statement, but he didn’t do it.

Their reaction was such a positive one that I asked Robert if he wanted to throw a pumpkin carving party at his house and invite his mother and children over. He liked the idea. We went pumpkin shopping and repeated the act, except this time seeking to find six pumpkins of various sizes. Apparently, he’s not a stickler for making sure they are the same size. It’s a first-come, first-serve situation at his house. 

Pumpkin stencils are ranked one to four for difficulty, with one being easy and four being the most difficult. I was tempted to take a one, but Robert urged me not to. I relented and went with a two, which is as high as I’m going without an abundance of time to dedicate to such an endeavor. 

Faces are scarier. I always go with faces. Robert went with a Batman theme of his own creation, because he doesn’t like stencils. He, apparently, likes to challenge himself. It did look really cool. 

We had an awesome time joking with each other. Teasing each other. Our pumpkins turned out great. They are now lined up on his sidewalk and infusing the creepy spirit of the holiday to motorists as they pass. 

As most know, fall is my favorite time of year. Halloween is my preferred holiday when it comes to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s less stressful than Christmas and less filling than Thanksgiving. Halloween is all about having fun and usually, that results in zero stress. Plus, I get to watch horror movies.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.