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Just a Thought - I'm in allergy survival mode
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I received a report that seasonal allergy sufferers are in for a difficult time this spring. 

If you’re like me, you already knew. When Mother Nature couldn’t make up her mind – winter weather mixed with bouts of spring weather – and everything started to bloom and then died, I knew this season would not be a pleasant experience for me. 

I’ve been miserable on more than one occasion over the last few weeks. Not only do I have intense bouts of runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes, my eyelids will occasionally swell up. If intervention measures aren’t taken immediately, they will and have swollen shut. 

Along with my seasonal allergies, I have pet allergies. If you want it as a pet, I’m allergic to it – dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc. Apparently, I have an overly sensitive immune system. 

About 15 years ago, I decided that I was done. I wanted help for my allergies. The suffering was just too much. I went to the doctor and he scheduled the test. Later, I’m sitting in the doctor’s office listening to what sounded like a never-ending list of what I was allergic to. 

I asked, “Does this list rank the items? What am I most allergic to?”

“Cockroaches,” he said. 

I replied, “At least I don’t want one as a pet.” 

That prompted him to tell me that I’m allergic to most anything I’d ever want as a pet, most blooming plants and mold. 

Doc prescribed me two medications. They knocked me out. It did help with my allergy symptoms. However, sleeping all the time isn’t an option. I tried shots. The dose was extremely high, and I’d have to take two shots a week. The pain was too much for me. 

My best choice is to isolate myself from anything that might trigger a histamine reaction and stay indoors as much as possible with the pollen count is extremely high. During bad weather spells for me, such as now, and times when I oops, I take over-the-counter medications. I try not to take those on a daily basis, but I’m taking them more days than not here lately.

Occasionally, my allergies are tested by others. I can’t tolerate having a cat in the house. Yet, my ex brought one home. I was miserable the entire time. I went to the doctor, and he wrote a prescription. It said, “Get rid of the cat.” A doctor with a sense of humor. That prescription was eventually filled, but not at a pharmacy. 

With all my allergies, it’s best if I assume I’m allergic to it – whatever “it” is. Look, but don’t touch. Sometimes I slip into stupid all by myself. 

My boyfriend likes giving me bouquets of flowers. I love getting them. However, I know better than to sniff them. I did it anyway – just once. It didn’t take long before that ill-fated decision came back to bite me. I was in misery.  

Thanks for the report, but I’m already in allergy survival mode. 

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