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Just a Thought - Halloween to have full moon
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The year 2020 has 13 full moons. If you think it can’t get any creepier than that, hold onto your broomsticks. One of those occurs on Halloween – the first time in almost two decades. 

The next full moon won’t be the biggest or brightest of 2020, because this year had two super moons in March and April. It will be the spookiest, because it is Oct. 31 and this is the first full moon to fall on Halloween since 2001. The next one isn’t until 2039.

The Oct. 31 moon is also called a “blue moon,” because it will be the second full moon of the month. If you missed it, there was a full moon on Oct. 1. That moon was called a “harvest moon” because it was nearest the autumnal equinox that ushers in fall. Additionally, along with being a blue moon, this Halloween’s moon will also be a “hunter’s moon” – the first full moon after the harvest moon. I’m loving it. 

Spooky enough? No?

As I’m reading about the upcoming full moon, I’m remembering that Halloween 2001 (the last year a full moon fell on Halloween) played a role in a “Halloween” sequel. And there it is … 

“On Oct. 31, 2001, after three years of hiding, Michael emerges to attempt to murder Laurie again, who has been institutionalized at the Grace Andersen Sanitarium. Expecting his arrival, Laurie sets up a trap for him. After killing two security guards, Michael attacks and chases Laurie to the institution’s rooftop, where her trap works and temporarily incapacitates Michael.”

Michael Myers is my favorite horror movie character. I love most of the “Halloween” movies. Nope, not all. Every series has to have one or two duds. Not among the duds is “Halloween: Resurrection.” It was released in 2002.

The movie continues in Halloween 2002 when college students are spending the night in his childhood home in Haddonfield as part of a competition/documentary of the abandoned house. If you haven’t seen it (but I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t), I won’t spoil the ending for you. 

My Halloween costume is Little Red Riding Hood, while Bob is the Big, Bad Wolf. He allowed me to choose. I met Bob at a Halloween party in 2018. He was dressed as Michael Myers, an awesome selection. I joke that Michael reeled me in, but Bob kept me. Dressing up for Halloween is an absolute must. 

I’ve also decided on my Halloween dessert for work. Hopefully, this year’s selection has just the right amount of creepy, gross and tasty to win this year’s competition. Winning isn’t really the goal. I enjoy it, even though it takes me about a month to decide on what to make and how to make it. Winning is a financial reimbursement. 

Between the Halloween moon, celebration of my chance meeting with Bob and preparing a dessert for work, the excitement is killing me.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.