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Just a Thought - Dumped puppy is in my care
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Someone was an irresponsible dog owner and then made the ultimate decision that illegal steps were far easier than doing what’s right. First, they did not have their female dog spayed. Second, they dumped the puppies to make them someone else’s problem. 

There are two types of animal owners when it comes to the overpopulation of cats and dogs: those who persist in being part of the problem and those who make a mindful choice to be part of the solution. Which are you? 

Someone dumped puppies in the Midway area last weekend. While I’ve heard reports of others, I know of at least one. That puppy ended up at my niece’s house. Her dog isn’t mean, but she is territorial. If the rescue hadn’t arrived home in the nick of time, that blood would have been on your hands. 

The puppy was covered in fleas and ticks. Bless its little heart. I do mean little, because it’s a Chihuahua mix. My niece bathed it and they began the slow, tedious task of removing ticks from it. My daughter went over to help. 

I knew when my daughter left the puppy would be at my house that evening. Zero doubt. Like my niece had, her kind heart would kick in. Within an hour, I received a confirmation text. They were on their way home and mom needed to get ready.

This all happened Sunday evening. The vet was called at 8 a.m. Monday morning. They couldn’t get him in until Monday of the following week. I was allowed to stop by and get some deworming medication to give him. From the size of the puppy’s belly, the despicable person didn’t even have the decency to do that.

The vet estimated his age at 9 weeks, it was likely traumatized, and he should be kept comfortable and allowed to recover. Check, check, double check.  

He didn’t like the traditional dog crate. It was too big. A couple towels in a small, open-top wooden crate was just the thing. He loved it and only leaves it to eat, drink, play and follow me. He steps out of it several times each night to wake me. Once he sees my face, assured that I’m still there, he climbs back in and back to sleep. 

I posted the plight of this tiny thing onto my Facebook page. Instantly, an actual friend contacted me. She had to have him. 

“The puppy is free, but the wood crate will cost you $100. He won’t leave without it and it’s my favorite crate,” I said jokingly. 

The vet appointment is Monday and his first round of vaccinations. If he’s given the all clear health wise, she’s coming to pick him up: crate and all, free of charge. This one’s on me. 

So, which are you? Be part of the solution. Have your pets spayed or neutered. Spare another puppy from the trauma this one endured. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.