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Just a Thought - Descent into DIY madness
Lisa Hobbs, new mugshot.jpg

To keep my mind occupied during social isolation, I decided to renovate my bedroom. Oh, the Pandora’s Box that would open.  

I don’t think it’s possible to accurately describe how hideous my bedroom is, but I will try: hunter green walls, dark gray trim, light gray carpet, the upper trim was incomplete in some areas and broken (pieced together) in other areas, cracks in the drywall, unfinished corners, etc. One wall has grooved paneling, not drywall. I affectionately called that one wall an accent wall. 

When I purchased the house 15 years ago the room looked like that. I have worked on other projects, but my room never creeped to the top of the list. For one, I’m rarely home. I sleep there, but that’s about it. With the pandemic, I have been home more. I snapped in mid-April.

Light gray was selected for the walls. I painted one partial wall. As you can imagine, going from hunter green to light gray was a visual shock. I looked at it for a day or two and liked it. I painted a bit more. 

Upon reaching a window, I knew the dark gray color on its trim had to go. Bright white. The contrast was awesome. 

From that, I decided that I wanted white shelves with black brackets. A costly decision. To date, I’ve purchased five shelves and 10 brackets: roughly $95 without tax. I have four shelves that I can repurpose, but those will need brackets so they’ll match: roughly $55. 

The walls, window trim and shelves looked so good, it made the upper trim look even worse. Painting wouldn’t be enough. I selected the trim I like: nice clean lines, three inches and pre-painted. All I needed to do was cut to fit and place it. Cost: $9 each. I’ve purchased two to give it a try. Down with the old … and holy Chez-its! I was attacked by four spiders. I love the movie "Arachnophobia," but I draw the line at real-life situations involving them. 

I made an executive decision to work with what I had on hand – a flyswatter and white gorilla tape. Armed with both, I went to war. After making sure nothing survived, I used a line of tape along the crease between the wall and the ceiling – a barrier between my room and the attic. Spiders won’t get through gorilla tape.

Once that piece of trim went up, you can’t see the tape. It looked awesome, and I feel protected. 

The renovation continues. I will slowly work my way around the room – losing my mind as I go – until it is complete.

Pandora, why must this present feel like such a curse?

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.