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Just a Thought - Considering gifts for Christmas
Lisa Hobbs, new mugshot.jpg

What do you get a man for Christmas when he says he has everything? I’m pondering that question as I log onto the internet and see “The 23 Hottest Gifts of 2019” being advertised.

The answer to my problem could be one click away. (Click!)

No. 1 are Peeps, which is an Carbon NanoTech eyewear cleaner. He wears glasses so a definite maybe. 

It says Peepsa cleans lenses unlike anything else on the market. The dual carbon microfiber cleaning pads actually eliminate oil and fingerprints rather than smearing it around like cloths and sprays sometimes do. The patented case recharges the cleaning pads for the next use. Independently lab tested for up to 500 cleanings, it says. 

No. 2 is Apple AirPods for all-day audio on the go. I’m making the stink face, so maybe not this one. 

No. 3 is Snow – get whiter teeth in nine minutes. Pass! 

No. 4 is iMemories. It looks amazingly complicated in the picture. I’m not in the mood to test my IQ. Moving on. 

No. 5 is a PhotoStick to instantly back up your photos. This is a pretty nifty thing to have. If his computer crashes, he’d be forever thankful. No software to install and configure. It removes duplicates. I’m giving this product a definite maybe. 

No. 6 is Bondic, a liquid plastic “welder.” Despite the use of quotes, it says in the description that Bondic isn’t glue. It says a dentist and a chemical engineer teamed up and came up with an ingenious liquid that’s 50 times stronger than glue. 

I’m skipping No. 7 because it attaches to your vehicle and who knows if he’d ever use it. 

What do we have here? Stop the presses, because I’ve just found a winner with KeySmart (No. 8) and KeySmart Pro (No. 9). 

KeySmart says this product is the next level keychain. It doesn’t have a good description of it, but it combines up to eight keys into one compact gadget. You pull out the key you want to use, like a Swiss Army knife. 

The pro version, along with the keychain, also contains a bottle opener, flashlight, micro-USB charging port, battery indicator, and an integrated tile locator that works with the Google Assistant. It says you’ll never lose your keys. However, that’s not completely accurate. If you lose them, this device will help you locate them.

Both are awesome Christmas gifts. Christmas list expanded. 

No. 10 is ScreenKlean. The picture shows it cleaning a tablet screen but the description says it works on smartphones, computers, TVs and more. A definite possibility. 

I stopped at 10 to check costs: Peeps $19.99; PhotoStick 8GB $34.99; Bondic $19.99, KeySmart $19.99; KeySmart Pro $49.99; and ScreenKlean $19.99.

Not sure about any of these, but at least I have possibilities now. I might continue my review later. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.