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Law enforcement should obey laws
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I witnessed an incident on Saturday, Sept. 2 and I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.
I’m heading into McMinnville on Sparta Highway at about 11:30 a.m. I’ve just passed the flashing lights by the Spencer turnoff. A darker gray Explorer SUV is gaining on me pretty quickly. I’m going five miles over, so he or she is going in excess of that if they are catching up with me. I’m going to say “he” throughout this column but I could not tell the gender.
As it passes me, we are getting close to the former Power’s Four Lane (I don’t know what it’s called now). I’m in the right lane and the Explorer is in the left-hand lane. Right at that moment, a Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy comes into view from VFW hill.
I figure the Explorer is going at least 15 over. If you’re local, you know it takes a lot to the get the attention of a county deputy. It got it. The deputy turns at the first available spot. As he does that, the Explorer merges into the right lane and flashes blue lights that are located in the rear window of the vehicle – unseen due to the dark, dark tinted windows.
While I saw the flash, the deputy did not. He continued to gain on the Explorer. As the deputy got in behind the Explorer, on came the flashing blue lights again. The deputy immediately slowed down, moved into the left lane and turned around just prior to the hospital.
I was somewhat puzzled by this. After a brief moment, I decided to keep pace with the Explorer to see how fast he’s going. He had, by that time, crossed back into the left-hand lane. So did I. We were close to 15 over as we made our way through McMinnville. The lights at Spring Street and Faulkner Spring Road changed and I was able to get right up behind the individual who was able to avoid a ticket with the use of flashing blue lights to signify his importance.
I took a picture with my cellphone. The tags were not government issued. It was out of McMinn County. I seriously doubt he was on an emergency call that would justify speeding through Warren County, but he avoided a ticket using those flashing lights.
I’m dishearten by this. Officers of the law have an obligation to set a good example for the rest of us. If he didn’t get a ticket, why should any of us? If the laws don’t apply to everyone, they should apply to no one. Let’s be fair.
To the individuals who placed red balloons at storm drains around town for the “It” prank:
You are awesome. If you do nothing else for the rest of your life, that one stunt made your life worth living. Mission accomplished. Job well done. I hope you don’t get in trouble, because I did like the prank. It was awesome.
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