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Just A Thought 6-4
Some compliments not appreciated
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Eating healthy, exercising and losing weight has come with a plethora of compliments about my progress. I’m not going to lie here, it’s been awesome – almost every one of them.
The best compliment I’ve gotten about my weight loss is, “You look healthy.” That’s it. Nothing more. It was awesome.
How it happened: I was getting a few steps in as I waited for an event to end so I could take pictures. He asked me how much weight I had lost. I told him and he said, “You look healthy.” Winner, winner for the best compliment I’ve ever received. I’m striving to be healthy on the inside. For someone to tell me I look healthy on the outside was awesome. He didn’t say it in a creepy way. It’s obvious he noticed my appearance, but that was the end of the exchange. He went on his way and I went back to walking – with the addition of a smile on my face.
There are ways to come off creepy and I’ve experienced two of those.
One guy stopped me on the greenway and made comments about my appearance, using the word “sexy,” and then, he asked me out. Never going to happen. Never stop a woman in a wooded area, a secluded area, and comment on her appearance in such a way. You are going to come across as creepy and it doesn’t matter how you say it.
Despite your best intentions, some women will simply be turned off by a stranger giving them a compliment. Some women are OK with it. I’m OK with compliments but that was neither the time nor the place nor the words to use in complimenting me. That guy was clueless.
One guy, and this is where my column comes from, blew me a kiss.
How it happened: I was on my way home from work Thursday night. My meeting ran late and I was slightly drained. As is customary for me, I had the radio up and singing to relax on my drive home. I notice in my peripheral vision a vehicle keeping pace beside mine. I glanced over and the guy blew me a kiss with his lips.
I eased back on my accelerator and backed off. I wanted a little distance between him and I. Apparently, he did not. He started slowing down too. I was thinking about increasing my speed and attempting to put distance between us. We got to the Highway 30 turn and he took it. Thank goodness.
That was creepy as heck. What did he expect to accomplish? Did he think I would reciprocate with a kiss? Never going to happen. Instead, he’s on my radar of creepy guys to watch out for in future drives home.
If you want to compliment a woman, make the compliment simple, such as “You look nice today.” Avoid sexually charged compliments or gestures. You won’t get the reaction you are seeking.
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