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Just A Thought 4-17
Thoughts can be hard to come by
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You would never guess how hard it is to have a thought a week. Common sense would suggest that being a woman and a reporter would provide an avalanche of thoughts for me to choose amongst. Some weeks, nothing could be further from the truth.
Sometimes, I sit down at my computer on Friday morning and think “OK, what I’m I putting in my Sunday column?” and nothing comes to mind. Immediately following that moment of silence is “oh, no! I don’t have a thought.” Then, I laugh at myself. The thought of a woman without a thought is hilarious and maybe a dream come true for some men.
Before I get to my favorite subject (me), I’m going to make a suggestion. This being to the county: consider saving some money by spending some. If the county is looking at spending up to $7 million dollars increasing the space at the jail, I think they should include an area that could be used to house up to six juvenile offenders. As we’ve seen with the four juveniles accused of murder, violent crime isn’t always restricted to adults.
By the information recently given by the county’s Finance Department, the cost to house those four juveniles could be in in excess of $90,000. My goodness that would build a decent three bedroom, two bath house. While I’m in agreement with Warren County entering into an agreement with Putnam County for their assistance in such matters, I do believe the county should consider including a small area for juveniles in any expansion project. If the area isn’t used by juveniles, it should be used by adults.
I guess it’s time for another “me” update. The plateau has passed. I’ve lost 70 pounds. When I stepped on the scale, I stepped back off. I walked into the bedroom, came back and tried it again. I found 70 hard to believe. I’ve had time to think about it and it still shocks me. When I started this journey almost three years ago, I just wanted to eat healthier and exercise. I knew weight loss would happen but 70 pounds?!?!
While I don’t care to tell people how much weight I’ve lost, I’m rather not tell everyone how much I weigh. I will say that I never imagined in a million years that I would be this size. I’m probably three pounds away from where I was when I got pregnant with my first child. I can’t believe it.
When I first started this, I told no one. I know they tell you to get a support group. I decided I wanted this to by myself. I didn’t want to hear anyone’s negative comments. Opening up allows people to hurt your efforts, even if they don’t mean to. It worked for me. Figure out what works for you and go for it. I will encourage you to think long term. If you lose it and gain it right back, what’s the point?
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