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Just A Thought 12-11
I'm decorating a Christmas ladder
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I think I’ve lost my mind. If found, please return to the Southern Standard on College Street during our posted business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – no afterhours delivery please. Handle with care as I’m unsure how stable my mind was even before the trauma of being misplaced.
What’s pushing me over the edge into insanity? The holiday season, of course. Yes people, I said holiday season. I know we have some picky people out there who like to lose it when anyone uses the words "holiday season" rather than "Christmas season." I really don’t see the difference between the two. If I’m referring specifically to Christmas, I say Christmas. The same goes for New Years. If I say holiday season, then I’m talking about both Christmas and New Year.
FYI, while I never say holiday tree rather than Christmas tree, I don’t feel it’s wrong. Christmas is a holiday so it’s not wrong to say holiday tree. I’m sure someone will object and explain to me how I’m wrong about that. That’s OK. Let 'er rip.
The only thing I’ve ever objected to is the use of "Xmas." Why do people do that? I’ve heard it’s just an abbreviation, while others point to religion. I’m not sure where that abbreviation started but I’m OK if I never see it again. I didn’t even like putting it in my column.
Speaking of Christmas trees, I’m not putting one up again this year. I’ve struggled with Christmas the last few years. Because of that, the thought of going through the motions of putting up a tree isn’t something that I’ve wanted to do. More times than not, the tree has stayed in its box in the garage. I’m not even sure if it’s in good condition.
Well, I’m bound and determined to get into at least a little Christmas spirit this year. I was bound and determined to get in the spirit last year and put up my tree. However, by Dec. 15, I was saying "the only way I’m decorating a tree in my house this year is if one sprouts up in my living room and grows to 8 foot before Christmas." That didn’t happen.
I’ve decided that I need to think outside the box. I’m decorating an old, wooden ladder in place of a traditional Christmas tree. I know that’s not traditional but I do not care. The goal here is to get into the Christmas spirit by any means necessary. For me, that’s DIY, which I love.
I’ve seen ladders decorated before and they are cute. Getting mine off to a good start was my ladder. It’s an old wooden ladder that’s about four feet tall. I wouldn’t dare climb onto it. I’ve kept it around because it’s adorable, and I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing it out.
I’ll keep you posted. I’ve already pulled the ladder and decoration out of the garage – step one complete.
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