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Animal Control needs upgrades
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I was tempted to place football-related jokes in this week’s column since everyone seems to be all tore up about it. I’ve listened to so much football talk on the way to the Super Bowl, I think there’s enough testosterone in the air that a football could probably remain suspended indefinitely.
Because of all the sports chatter, I thought it would be an awesome idea to joke about football. I even searched for some jokes, funny saying and puns. The flaw in my plan became evident rather quickly when I didn’t laugh at any of them. Mostly, they didn’t make any sense. Then, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t know a good joke from a bad one. I, also, wouldn’t know if the joke was current or outdated. I’m not sports inclined. When I say I’m not motivated, I mean I don’t get it and never will. It really doesn’t matter which sport it is.
Since I can’t joke about football, I guess I’ll switch to something else – local government.
I’m somewhat happy about local governments being forced to make their buildings ADA compliant. I do wish it would benefit Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center and not just Warren County Courthouse.
For those of you who haven’t been out there, Animal Control’s facility needs some serious attention. While it has been getting a little financial support, it needs so much more and the county seems unwilling to spend too much money on it.
Its parking lot is gravel. I’ve never seen gravel be anything but a hindrance to someone on crutches or in a wheelchair. If gravel wasn’t rough enough to traverse, there is a huge crevasse that was dug across the gravel parking lot to correct a drainage issue within the building. The trench was a cost-saving measure to prevent what should have been done, an underground drainage system that would have left the parking lot level. An unleveled surface does not make the building easily accessible to someone with disabilities.
There is usually no way to turn your vehicle around which means you have to back down the drive – not as easy as it sounds. A circle drive is needed.
The main doorway into the building would barely be wide enough for a wheelchair. Someone on crutches would also have a difficult time. It needs to be larger, if nothing else.
Once you get into the building, the human accommodations aren’t much better. There’s barely enough walking space to make your way to the main office. Someone in a wheelchair would probably have a difficult time.
The bathroom, which is used by the public, isn’t big enough to accommodate someone with disabilities. I’ve seen closets bigger than that bathroom. Yet, staff, volunteers and visitors have to share it.
Stopping progress is that the building is adequate for housing animals. However, it’s a little less acceptable for humans. What the building really needs is a paved parking lot, circle drive and an expansion.
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