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The Groove - The show will go on
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During this time, I’m beginning to realize how many of the little things I took for granted. One thing I desperately miss is live music! 

This is just an example of all of the small things that bring joy to our lives we never would’ve realized affected us so much.

Of course, there are the major and most important things COVID-19, stay-at-home orders and a deflating economy have influenced, such as missing family and friends, worrying about having a source of income and being concerned with your and your loved ones health.

However, there are small things which make life more enjoyable and each person’s interests are different. Some people relish playing sports, exercising, going to church, going to the movies and a vast amount of other activities unable to be done anymore. 

The reality of not being able to attend a show for an unforeseen amount of time has just begun to sink in. It’s not a good feeling.

For the well-being of the artists and concert-goers, this is absolutely the best decision. However, it doesn’t change how much I miss the experience.

Attending concerts feels spiritual to me. The majority of the best memories I have are those where music was involved. I’ve recently begun watching live concerts by my favorite artists on YouTube because I miss the opportunity to be able to attend shows.

I’ve never actually taken concerts and performances for granted, but I’m learning how much those things brighten my soul, create a peaceful feeling and make me genuinely happy.

I miss singing aloud with my arms raised joyfully over my head, the wave of clapping erupting from the crowd, gleeful shouts echoing through the venue and dancing openly without receiving strange looks.

Music is therapeutic, regardless of the genre. It provides the ability to create a sound to capture any emotion. There are certain artists I listen to depending on my mood and what I’m trying to express without having to speak a word.

I’m not saying concerts and festivals are of any importance compared to everything else taking place at this time, but as more and more artists’ tours and festivals are postponed or canceled, the joy of music, which is very much needed during tough times, has made the world a little less magical.

If any good can come from this pandemic, maybe it will remind us how important our family members and friends are, how significant our health is, how lucky we are to be able to work and how many things we take for granted.

Although the little things don’t seem that important at the moment, once they return, I won’t take forget how those things help brighten our world when life gets tough and a bit of inspiration is needed. 

We will get through this, and once we do, the show will go on.

Standard reporter Atlanta Northcutt can be reached at 473-2191.