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The Groove - Gaining strength during distancing
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I was going to write this column over the coronavirus which has taken hold of our attention as the increase in numbers of those infected are tallied and distributed to the public each day. This has created a severe escalation of fear, which can spread as quickly as the virus itself.

On another note, I don’t believe I’m alone in the feeling of suffocation caused by the constant, unwavering fear assaulting the public from every direction by each form of medium I observe. I’ve felt smothered by fear and anxiety of an unpredictable future, resulting in the inability of taking a moment of peace away from the pandemic staring maliciously at me as I consider the risks of if I, or those I love, become infected.

I will take a break from the unknown and terrifying what-ifs to express my personal thoughts and beliefs. 

Although you may be expecting my view on the fear, preparation, anxiety and grasping at answers to a subject which have yet to be discovered this is not the focus of today’s column.

Instead, I will be looking into inner-strength, and the strength in humanity, the strength in the belief and hope in others and their overall goodness, which may sometimes be hard to find, and the strength in our individual selves. I hold onto my knowledge of strength in myself, regardless of what others may say or think.

I’ve learned the largest and most important amount of courage comes from the self-realization of the amount of power contained in oneself, which doesn’t commonly become stirred up until the flames are forced to ignite within the soul.

The realization of our own power and worth can never be demolished by another human being. Not as long as their opinions aren’t allowed to make the slightest impact or leave you questioning your value.

Pick up the rubble to rebuild yourself more fiercely and with a much more sturdy foundation in finding your own voice and never forget who you are.

Sometimes, things must break and fall apart to enhance the vision of the strength within yourself.

For example, when a mirror shatters, you can actually view the many different aspects and perspectives of yourself through the shards of broken glass, instead of the perfect overall representation of what your reflection should appear to be on the outside.

This is when you’re able to take in each of the different viewpoints and appreciate each facet of what makes you who you are.

As in the subject of COVID-19, I believe in the strength of each human being on this earth. Therefore, I have an unwavering faith in each of us and our love for one another, as well as in our ability to treat others how we’d like to be treated and believe others will do the same because sometimes pain must occur to the point you realize who you are and the strength inside of you and others.

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