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Further Afield - Sullens a wizard
luke cameron

1. Folks, Chris Sullens is a roundball Merlin. He won a district tournament championship with Warren County. He is taking teams into White County and Cookeville and winning. He is doing things that have not been done in decades. 

When Mr. Sullens took over in the spring of 2014, the program was at a nadir. The team was coming off a 7-23 season, and DeKalb County was dominating the head-to-head series. Enter Sullens, and enter winning.

After serving a 10-year apprenticeship at Boyd and turning the Broncos into a contender, Sullens has turned WCHS into a contender. As of today, WCHS has not lost to DeKalb County in boys basketball since Dec. 2, 2014. 

Let us appreciate greatness. Sullens is a winner. Wherever he goes, he wins. To digress, would Mr. Sullens not be amazing as a life coach? We could all use a little Chris Sullens in our life. Can you imagine someone needing to lose weight and hiring Mr. Sullens as a health coach? Every time the person was tempted to eat junk food, he or she would call Mr. Sullens, and Mr. Sullens would come over and talk him/her off the ledge: “Don’t eat that cookie. Don’t eat it. Don’t do it. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Feel the burn. You don’t want that cookie. You want this salad. Yes, you do. Take the salad. Take it. Take it.” That person, thanks to Mr. Sullens, would drop weight in no time. 

Chris Sullens gets results. He would be good at anything he pursued. 

2. C.J. Taylor is a grown man. From what I hear, he is the best athlete to come through Warren County in at least in the last three decades or so. He is also a fine, upstanding person. Also, not to get too hyperbolic, but he is probably the best left-handed shortstop that local rec leagues have ever seen. When C.J. throws a softball, you can hear it hiss.

3. Todd Willmore deserves a lot of credit for the job he has done as WCHS athletic director since 2009. He has made some terrific, mind-bogglingly-good hires. Chris Sullens as boys basketball coach. Gooby Martin as softball coach. Matt Turner. Scott Smith. Phillip King as baseball coach. Adam Childs. In addition to making really good coaching hires, Mr. Willmore also conducts himself with class and professionalism, and he is a wonderful representative of his teams and his athletics program. Warren County has benefitted from his steady hand at the helm of WCHS athletics over the last 11 ½ years.

That’s all, folks.