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I will work for paycheck, coffee
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I entered my second quarter century working for the Southern Standard this week, marking 26 years in the same job.Frankly, the way I see it, 26 years is a long time for anything and, you can look at my longevity in two distinctly different ways. First, and likely most positively, you can look at it as Duane being a loyal employee who committed to an employer and has stayed. On resumes, not that I’m putting out any as far as you know, I should be a dream employee given my longevity and the fact I’ve missed just five days due to illness in all that time (most due to that kidney stone a few years ago).However, on the flip side of the coin, you could also say Duane has no ambition to improve his standing since I’ve remained in the exact same position for all these years.“Don’t you want to be promoted and climb the corporate ladder?” you ask.Hey, I’ll take more money but I don’t really want to aspire to the next rank up, that being editor.

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