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The best treat on Halloween
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As I watched the trick-or-treaters wandering the streets last night, their candy bags bulging with the bounty of sugary sweets that are sure to keep them hyper for the next month, I was reminded of my time as one of the little spooks.Sure, I can still live vicariously through my son Henry when it comes to Halloween fun, but it just isn’t the same being able to put on an outfit and go door-to-door ringing doorbells. I suppose I could still do it but I’d certainly be getting some odd looks from people when I held out my bag and said “trick or treat.” I mean, we all, as hosts handing out candy, give that “big kid” of the bunch an odd look when he or she comes to the door.Anyway, I think we all remember our carefree days, working the streets for goodies on Halloween.