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Shameless self-promotion
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It would appear James Clark headed out on vacation without leaving us a column to run in today’s spot. This is an oversight I would never make since I always leave the staff with stories and columns when I hit the road but then I’m the uncrowned employee of the year – every year. Actually, I haven’t been crowned such in over twenty years so I guess I’ll just have to tie my horses to that uncrowned statement.
So, with James leaving me hanging, it became incumbent on me to write this week’s column since, as Alexander Hague once famously said (and was later terminated for it), I’m in charge here right now. Actually, let me clarify things. I’m only in charge if it benefits me in some way. If you have a problem or issue, I’m pointing you up the stairs. The buck doesn’t stop with me; it doesn’t even slow down as it whizzes by.
With all of this room to fill that James usually packs with his droll meanderings and, not wanting to use my good stuff that I use for my award-winning column on Wednesdays, I have to figure out how to fill up this entire side of the editorial page. Then it hit me – shameless self-promotion. I can be a self-shill, trumpeting things that benefit me and my causes. Hey, don’t worry. I’m not going to get political.
Let’s see, first off let me take the high road and promote something that will help community and veterans across the country. The McMinnville Noon Exchange Club is putting out a special 2017 Veteran’s calendar featuring 14 local veterans. Miller Photography is doing the pictures and the calendars are supposed to go on sale on Veteran’s Day at the Veteran’s Day event at Park Theater. However, before that, there will be a special advance sale at Topz at which the veterans in the calendar will be on hand to sign the calendars. I think the cost of the calendar is still yet to be determined but the proceeds will go to Noon Exchange projects here in town including Veteran’s Matter, which is a national veteran’s program that helps homeless veterans secure housing.
While the deadline has passed on nominating a veteran, Exchange is still in need of sponsors. You can have your company, church or organization put on the bottom of a month in the calendar for $250 or you can get a smaller box ad for $75 or a line ad for only $30. Your help in sponsorship both shows your appreciation to our local veterans and it has a far-reaching impact on helping house homeless veterans. If you’re interested in sponsorship you can call me here at the paper and leave a message. We need all sponsors in by the end of the week.
Would you look at this? In all the excitement of promoting a worthy community event I’ve eaten up all the space where I could have promoted myself. By the way, my new book is due for release next month. Look for dates in the paper. They make great Christmas gifts.