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Passing time in a snowstorm
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I have to confess, I’m one of those folks who run for cover when it starts snowing. Although I don’t feel the need to run to the store so I can make milk sandwiches during Snowmageddon, I do have a phobia about being out on the roads when they are slick.Granted, this is an odd attitude from your resident storm chaser who can be seen charging into the teeth of a storm with a grin on my face and video camera in my hand while others are running for their basements and saying their prayers when severe weather approaches. I don’t fear having my car blown into a tree by a twister, but there’s something about my car slipping into a ditch on the ice that just freaks me out.Anyway, much to the chagrin of management here, I headed for the relative safety of home when the snow started falling in earnest Friday afternoon where my car would stay parked until the spring thaw, or at least until the snow plow came through my neighborhood.