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Everlasting Joy - Titans top pick worth the wait?
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I’m the kind of guy not known for patience. I get antsy waiting for minute rice. I push the elevator button three times thinking it will make the doors open faster.

So you can tell I’m not too thrilled with the Titans taking a No. 1 draft pick who could very likely miss the entire 2019 season.

Sure, some draft experts have been quick to proclaim defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons as “the steal of the draft,” but I’m kind of quirky in that I like my top players to actually take the field, not stand on the sideline.

I also question the need for the Titans to grab an offensive guard in the third round. Looking at the team, the most talented positions are offensive line and running back. With other glaring needs, like lack of a pass rush, I don’t understand taking an OL so high.

In talking to fellow Titans fans about the NFL draft, the general perception is the team doesn’t do so hot. I don’t agree with that stance because I think the Titans have selected some superstars.

Last year’s top pick, LB Rashaan Evans, was hurt for the early stages of last season but began to make an impact when he finally got healthy enough to play.

The year before that, the Titans were blessed with two first-round picks and selected WR Corey Davis at No. 5 and CB Adoree Jackson at No. 18. Both are strong players with Jackson having the ability to become one of the best CBs in the league.

Other tops picks in the Titans era have included Jack Conklin, Marcus Mariota, Taylor Lewan, Chris Johnson, Vince Young, Albert Haynesworth, Keith Bulluck and Jevon Kearse. The team picked Steve McNair and Eddie George in the first round before relocating to Nashville.

On the other end, DB Andre Woolfolk was an absolute bust. OG Chance Warmack was lousy in his years as a starter before being allowed to leave in free agency.

First-rounder Pacman Jones was a highlight reel who ran into legal trouble, but enjoyed a lasting career after leaving Music City. I know QB Vince Young was a polarizing player, but I was a big VY fan up until the point he cussed the head coach in front of the team. That pretty much ends the relationship right there.

As it stands now, the biggest question surrounding Titans first-round draft picks is Marcus Mariota at QB. After four years of watching him play, it’s hard to tell if he’s the solution or the problem. After this year, a decision will have to be made to keep Mariota or let him walk.