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Everlasting Joy 12-30
Nutty Football League
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For NFL enthusiasts like me, it couldn’t have been a more bizarre Sunday.The Baltimore Ravens won with QB Ryan Mallett, who started the year with Houston before missing a flight and getting cut by the Texans.Meanwhile, the Texans won with QB Brandon Weeden, who made a couple starts for Dallas this year before getting cut by the Cowboys.The Colts managed to win by using a combination of former Titan QBs in Matt Hasselback and Charlie Whitehurst. How Whitehurst managed to contribute to a victory may be the biggest mystery of the NFL season.Then we have the Tennessee Titans. On a weekend of thrilling finishes, the lifeless Titans were participants in one of the few blowouts, getting thrashed by the aforementioned Mallett and the Texans in an embarrassing 34-6 loss in Nashville.