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Thankfully Saban not like Trump
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The big winner this week at the Golden Globes was “La La Land,” that all-too-happy film where people dance and break into song.
The big loser this week was Alabama football, which was edged in the national championship game by Clemson. This makes me want to break into song.
I am not alone. Greater America was giddy Monday night when Clemson tossed the winning TD pass with :01 left to send the Tide to a cold, lonely defeat. It’s amazing how Alabama’s pain has made everyone else feel sooo much better.
Sport fans love to see the unbeatable team get beat. We love to see the king of the mountain get kicked off the throne.
So Americans did what’s normally done in times of unrelenting glee. We tweeted.
Said one tweet Monday night, “Nothing better than watching Alabama lose.” Added another post, “America needed this one.”
Boy, did we ever. We needed it like a large pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese.
Twitter posts were filled with angst directed at Alabama football in general and Nick Saban in particular. I guess Saban’s four national championships and more than 100 wins in 10 years at Alabama have created some ill will.
It’s easy to like a lovable loser. A consistent winner, well that’s another thing.
People don’t tend to like Saban because he doesn’t smile. He has the charisma of a camel. He has a personality that lacks personality.
Maybe he should take a page from the Les Miles playbook and eat grass from the field itself to show he’s passionate about the game.
Fortunately, Nick Saban does have integrity, unlike our president-elect. Just think if Saban took to Twitter at 3 a.m. to complain about how the national championship game unfolded.
“The refs and the dishonest media were out to get us by not calling a penalty on that final pick play. Very unfair.”
Or Saban could have tweeted, “The refs are very ugly looking. They do a horrible job. No wonder people don’t like referees. Apologize!”
Or how about this hypothetical tweet from Saban, “Our college football national championship game was rigged. How rude.”
Something tells me if our next president was Alabama’s football coach, we’d be seeing tweets like that right now. And most of all, the loss would have been because of the crooked media.
Time after time, I try to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. So far he’s been remarkably consistent in his ability to disappoint.
It’s a good thing we have lower standards for our presidents than our football coaches.