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Editorial 8-23
McMinnville proves to be welcoming host
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It's not often the city of McMinnville gets to play host to a party with an international guest list, but that's exactly what happened Monday on Court Square.Visitors from across the country -- and even overseas -- converged on our fine town for the solar eclipse and they were genuinely delighted by our hospitality. Even the TV news crew covering the event made a point to mention how accommodating city officials were in addressing their needs.Everyone deserves a giant pat on the back for the solar eclipse party, beginning with the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Board members began planning the party months ago after Vice Mayor Ben Newman mentioned other communities in the path of the eclipse were having similar celebrations.Main Street McMinnville and the Chamber of Commerce joined in and managed to land a Pink Floyd cover band to play songs from the classic album "Dark Side of the Moon."