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Editorial 11-23
America has many reasons for thanks
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By the very name of the holiday, it's time to give thanks. It's also time repeat the familiar line that we should give thanks year-round, not just on this one particular day.
Giving thanks comes at a time when our country is engulfed in political turmoil. It comes at a time our police officers are getting gunned down in sneak attacks. It comes at a time when fake news stories are being accepted as truth, jeopardizing our knowledge of what's really happening with our government and society.
America has long withstood one battering after another, from outside forces or within, and emerged with Rocky-like perseverance. Our current ails shall pass and prove no different.
In keeping with tradition, we should pause and be thankful for our many blessings.
We are thankful for the fine men and women who risk their lives for us every day they don a police uniform and enforce the laws of our communities.
We are thankful for a free democracy, not a rigged election system, where we have the privilege of electing the officials who govern us.
We are thankful for the First Amendment, which gives us the right to agree, or disagree, with the direction of our nation. Free speech does not always harmonize with the views of our elected officials, but it's the bedrock of our nation.
We are thankful to gather together with family on Thursday to enjoy a meal and spend time together. This may include saying a prayer of our choice before the meal, or saying no prayer at all. On Sunday, this may include attending the church of our choice, or attending no church at all.
We can be thankful for the cornucopia of wealth we enjoy here in America. Our tables are filled with food and our homes with warmth. Our country is protected by a military with might.
There are many reasons our thoughts should be showered with thanks on this special holiday. May we all take a moment to recognize the significance of Thanksgiving.