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Business Pulse: 8-31-14
Kirby family
Members of the Kirby family present for the ribbon cutting ceremony Monday at Kirby Family Medicine are, from left, Rachel Kirby, Bobby Kirby, Terrie Kirby, Dr. Trey Kirby, Lara Hilliard, Kerrie Johnson, and Kent Kirby.

Labor Day came early last week inside a Walmart in Roswell, Ga. On Tuesday around 5 a.m., a woman gave birth inside the store, giving new credence to the claim Walmart really does offer a little of everything.
The woman and her baby are both OK, leading some to speculate if Walmart continues to branch out a birthing center may be the next step.
Can't squeeze child birth into your busy schedule? At Walmart you can push out a baby after buying your eggs and milk!
Odd, strange and curious news returns to Business Pulse this week in honor of Labor Day weekend. The Goodwill donation trailer just happened to be in the news here in Warren County last week, and it was in the news in Austin, Texas as well. Police there are trying to determine who donated a real human skull to the Goodwill store.
I guess you could say this is a case that really has police officers scratching their heads.
Further north in the city of Richland, Wash., a grandmother is being credited with helping officers catch a suspect who was running from police. According to reports, the grandmother tackled the fleeing suspect then got up and taunted the 20-year-old man.
According to the Tri-City Herald, Becky Powell mocked the suspect once he was in police custody asking him how it felt to be taken down by a mother of five and grandmother of three. A police department spokesman thanked Powell for her efforts, but warned citizens it’s not wise to get involved in police matters.
In North Dakota, a coffee shop is garnering international attention for operating on the honor system. There are no employees on duty. Customers get their own coffee and then pay by cash, credit card or check.
A note near the cash drawer says exact change is not necessary. “Round down and give yourself a break or round up and help us stay in business," the note says.
Coffee shop owner David Brekke says so far the store has earned about 15 percent more than the asking price from people rounding up.
Before folks say this new coffee shop shows the goodness of humanity, I say it takes the idea of running a lean business a bit too far. Instead of this new business creating two or three jobs, it has the customers doing all the work.
And before you get all warm and fuzzy about the honesty of people, try running a newspaper that has newspaper racks scattered all across the county. If there are coupons inside those newspapers, people will insert their money and take the entire stack.
Maybe we need to invest in a few signs. “Newspapers cost 75 cents, but you are welcome to pay more if you like.”

Jobs available in Manchester

I always like to start with positive job news, even if it comes from a neighboring county. Great Lakes Cheese is putting the finishing touches on its sparkling new 330,000-square-foot facility in Manchester and is ready to start hiring.
The company will be holding a job fair at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center on Thursday, Sept. 11, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The conference center is located at 147 Hospitality Boulevard near O’Charley’s.
The new Manchester facility will be the ninth plant for Great Lakes Cheese, which is headquartered in Ohio. The company sells sliced, shredded and bulk cheese to grocers and restaurants throughout the U.S.
The company says it will employ 200 people over the next five years in Manchester.
If you’re looking for employment, remember the job fair on Sept. 11. If you can’t make that date, the conference center will be open Sept. 9-10 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for folks to create and submit an online application.

More great job news

For the second time in less than a month, there is huge job news coming from Cookeville. TTI Floor Care, the maker of Hoover, Dirt Devil and Oreck vacuum cleaners, has announced it plans to add 211 jobs in Cookeville.
In what has become somewhat of a growing trend, the company said it is shifting production capacity from Mexico and China to the United States.
TTI Floor bought its Cookeville plant from Oreck when that company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. If you recall, Warren County was in serious consideration for landing Oreck when it opted instead to locate in Cookeville. TTI manufactures upright and handheld vacuums, carpet washers and hard floor cleaners.
Cookeville was in the news just three weeks ago when Academy Sports + Outdoors announced plans to build a 1.6-million-square-foot distribution center in Cookeville and create approximately 700 new jobs over five years.

Dr. Kirby has grand opening

After opening his new practice several months ago on S. Chancery Street, Dr. Trey Kirby held a grand opening celebration Monday at Kirby Family Medicine. The new office provides doctor care on the west side of town in an area not typically associated with medical services.
“We do everything from infants to geriatrics,” said Dr. Kirby. “I’ve been amazed at how fast we’ve grown. Just about every patient I’ve seen in the past has come back. We’re seeing about 20 to 30 patients a day.”
When it comes to medicine, Dr. Kirby has served almost everywhere including the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. He worked in private practice with Dr. Bryan Chastain for seven years before serving as medical director of McMinnville’s VA clinic until December 2013.
“I loved working at the VA clinic, but I really missed the kids,” said Dr. Kirby. “You don’t see any kids at the VA clinic.”
Kirby Family Medicine is an extension of River Park Hospital, which is 350 employees strong. River Park CEO Tim McGill said during the grand opening celebration that primary care physicians are the most needed physicians in the nation.
“We are very happy Dr. Trey Kirby has reestablished his practice after working with the Veterans Administration Clinic here in McMinnville for the last year,” said McGill. “Trey is a native son … born and raised in this community and his impact as a primary care physician on the health and welfare of residents in the region will be far reaching. Dr. Kirby is an active member of the medical staff of River Park and is an important part of the future of our hospital and McMinnville and Warren County.”
Kirby Family Medicine is accepting new patients and can be reached by calling 668-CARE. The office is located at 2413 S. Chancery Street.

Pa's Auto Sales ready to roll

After tinkering with cars most of his life, Randy Mullins decided he was ready for a career change after hanging steel in the construction industry for over 30 years.
“I was getting too old to hang off the side of steel buildings,” said Randy, who has opened a car lot on Walling Street called Pa’s Auto Sales.
As a proud grandfather of four, Randy is Pa. He says his goal is to provide quality used cars and he also provides the financing, which can be a big help for folks.
“I have cars from $3,500 up to around $9,000,” said Randy. “We keep cars in the Kelly Blue Book range, which most places around here are much higher.”
Randy says it’s difficult to guess what people will want to see on his lot. He says one day everyone might come looking for pickups. The next day everyone might be looking for four-door sedans.
“You get all types of different people looking for all different types of vehicles,” said Randy. “The fact we do the financing here does make a difference. I can put you in a lot of cars for $500 down.”
Randy says he realizes people want reliability and that’s why he spends a few days driving vehicles around to make sure they are running smoothly. He says there’s only so much you can tell from a 10-minute test drive, but you can usually determine if there’s a problem in a couple days.
“I’ve been tinkering with cars all my life so I can do the minor repairs,” said Randy. “If it’s anything major, I have a mechanic I use for that.”
Randy owns the property and he was the one who constructed the building years ago. It has previously been the site of Air Up, an inflatable fun park, among other businesses.
Pa’s Auto Sales can be reached at 507-2520. The business is open Tuesday thru Saturday.

Banking on the Ice Bucket Challenge

There’s something about seeing people get drenched with a bucket of water that’s enjoyable. Maybe someone with a psychology degree can tell me why that is because I’m not sure.
With that said, I had a great time Thursday afternoon watching Security Federal employees take the Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge aims to increase awareness and raise money for ALS, which is a debilitating and fatal disease.
Security Federal president Joe Pugh got things started by being the first one to get drenched by a large bucket poured over his head by Danny Martin and Matt Rains.
“I’ve been waiting a long time to do this,” said Danny before soaking Joe.
Bank employees were challenged by Rimco owner Brad Bolding. There were 34 of the bank’s 50 employees who participated. Pugh said the bank will be making a monetary donation to ALS for each employee who took the Ice Water Challenge.
It was a BYOB event, meaning employees had to bring their own bucket. In addition to all the buckets and water, the challenge required 80 pounds of ice.
In accepting the challenge, Security Federal in turn challenged Galligan & Newman, Topz Frozen Yogurt, MES and Smooth Rapids.

That’s all folks

After throttling full speed ahead for the past several months, business news hit the brakes just a bit heading into the Labor Day weekend. I suspect it will stay in the slow lane this coming week with the Warren County A&L Fair beginning next weekend.
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