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Business Pulse: 8-31-14
Kirby family
Members of the Kirby family present for the ribbon cutting ceremony Monday at Kirby Family Medicine are, from left, Rachel Kirby, Bobby Kirby, Terrie Kirby, Dr. Trey Kirby, Lara Hilliard, Kerrie Johnson, and Kent Kirby.
Labor Day came early last week inside a Walmart in Roswell, Ga. On Tuesday around 5 a.m., a woman gave birth inside the store, giving new credence to the claim Walmart really does offer a little of everything.The woman and her baby are both OK, leading some to speculate if Walmart continues to branch out a birthing center may be the next step.Can't squeeze child birth into your busy schedule? At Walmart you can push out a baby after buying your eggs and milk!Odd, strange and curious news returns to Business Pulse this week in honor of Labor Day weekend. The Goodwill donation trailer just happened to be in the news here in Warren County last week, and it was in the news in Austin, Texas as well.