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Business Pulse: 8-10-14
00 Mud Bums fire
Firefighters responded to Mud Bums last Friday night to extinguish an electrical fire in a back wall. Electricians are currently working feverishly to make the needed repairs. If all goes well, the restaurant could reopen as soon as next weekend.

If you’re trapped in an annoying conversation you just can’t escape, there’s an app for that. Technology has come to our rescue yet again with several apps available at the iTunes App Store designed to save us from such sticky predicaments.
Just imagine you’re cornered by one of those people who can talk for 30 minutes without taking a breath. You’re looking for some way out – any way out. If you could just get away, you’ll flee and never make eye contact with that person again.
That’s where the Fake Conversation App will work like a charm. It will allow you to carry on a scripted cellphone conversation that will mimic the pace of a normal conversation. Note: sometimes it can be difficult to get your timing down if there is just silence on the other end.
If you prefer a fake text message to a fake phone call, then you should consider the Fake-A-Message App. This will send you several text message alerts in a row to make it seem like there’s an urgent problem that needs your attention.
This allows you to sigh, say something like “Why won’t they leave me alone!” and then rush off under the pretense there's some sort of emergency.
If technology is not your thing, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way and squirm away from the annoying person in some unique fashion. I suggest squinting your eyes and saying, “Hey look, is that an elephant off in the distance?” When they turn to look, RUN!!!

Mud Bums On the mend

Since Mud Bums caught on fire and suffered electrical damage last weekend, several people have asked me about the status of the restaurant and when it might reopen. I’m glad so many people are concerned about the local grill owned by Charlie and Donna Turner.
I stopped by Friday to assess the damage for myself and found out Mud Bums suffered very little damage except for one isolated area near the fuse boxes. The dining room was untouched by the fire and Donna told me a crew had already been in that area cleaning it from top to bottom. This got rid of the smoke smell I thought might be difficult to remove.
As for the area near the fuse boxes that did sustain a fair amount of damage, I was told by electricians working on site Friday it should take about a week to repair those problems. The main sticking point is getting the right supplies as I was told a company in Cookeville is the only place to buy several of the items that are needed. So that will likely necessitate several trips to Cookeville as work progresses.
After the electrical work, there is some wall damage where firefighters were forced to ax and saw their way into the building to reach the flames. From my untrained eye, I wouldn’t think those repairs would take more than a day or so.
All this is a long way of saying Mud Bums might be able to get back on its feet sooner than what was initially thought and that’s great news. I know Donna and Charlie were looking at the fall – particularly football season – as a time when business would be particularly brisk and I have to agree.
If you think about sports grills, most people don’t get together with their friends to watch a baseball game. But folks don’t hesitate to get together when it comes to watching college and pro football games. Those can be times of great celebration. Donna told me Mud Bums could be back open for business as soon as next weekend if everything goes well.

Regional job glance

I always like to mention positive job news when I have the chance and this is certainly a huge announcement for Cookeville.
Academy Sports + Outdoors officials announced Friday the company will be building a 1.6-million-square-foot distribution center in Cookeville and creating approximately 700 new jobs in Putnam County over the next five years.
Construction will begin this month with plans to become operational in early 2016. For anyone who may be thinking about landing a job at Academy Sports, the facility will be located south of Old Stewart Road along Interstate 40 on the west side of Cookeville.
Initial hiring will begin next year. The distribution center will service the company’s nine stores in Tennessee.
This is another example of how the Middle Tennessee economy continues to gain steam. If this distribution center is anything like the Amazon warehouses in the Midstate, it will be a constant battle to find enough employees.

Pet cremation a successful business

If you’re like me, you may have thought about coming up with an amazing invention that would make millions of dollars. Or you may have thought about starting your own business with the dream of becoming wildly successful, but just couldn’t put your finger on an idea that would work.
It’s with these thoughts in mind, I want to bring you the story of Morrison resident Mike Giglio. Avid readers of Business Pulse will remember it was five years ago when I first told you about Mike and his unique new business Companions Forever, Pet Cremation Services.
Mike had toyed with the idea of starting a pet cremation service for several years when the economic downtown forced his hand. He was laid off from his plant when the recession hit and that convinced him to take his plan from the drawing board and make it a reality.
He opened Companions Forever in July 2009 and has performed well over 4,000 cremations for pet owners throughout Middle Tennessee since that time. Mike currently serves 28 veterinary clinics, all within a 50-mile radius of his business in Morrison.
“It’s amazing how many people still have that original article,” said Mike referring to his first write-up in Business Pulse. “They will come in with the story and the newspaper will be yellow and frayed from where they stuck it in a drawer for all of these years knowing they would need it one day.”
Companions Forever has certainly kept Mike busy. On Friday, for example, he traveled from Smithville to Murfreesboro to Shelbyville to Tullahoma to Winchester to visit vets and pick up animals for cremation.
“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else will come up,” said Mike. “It truly is incredible what some people will do for their pets.”
Mike said one of his Friday stops was at a lake where a lady was having her dog euthanized due to chronic health problems. The euthanization was being done by a mobile vet, and the lake was chosen as the spot because the dog had loved to swim and run around that site during its younger days.
“That one is definitely a first for me,” said Mike. “But it shows the love some people have for their pets. They will take their dog to the vet before they take themselves to the hospital.”
Mike says it’s his goal to provide a compassionate service for all pet owners, not just dog owners. During his first five years, he has performed cremations on birds, cats, rabbits, and a llama, gerbil and wolf. He says his cremation machine is not large enough to accommodate horses.
“If it’s under 250 pounds, I have the equipment to handle it,” said Mike.
There are several different types of urns for pet owners to choose from, and the urns come with laser engraving. A small patch of the pet’s hair is also preserved.
For all the folks like me who have strained their brain to come up with a promising business idea, Mike is proof that opportunities exist outside of opening a Mexican restaurant. The editors of Business Pulse applaud his creativity in developing an original business concept with staying power. If you’d like to reach Mike for more information, the phone number is 815-8550.

Standard unveils

While promoting other business news throughout the county, I often neglect the exciting things taking place right here at the Southern Standard. The newspaper is operating a new website called marketplace931. The website is a great place to post your yard sale, or to publicize just about anything you have for sale, all from the comfort of your own home.
Placing a yard sale ad no longer requires a trip to the Standard office. By visiting marketplace931, you can use as many words as you like and submit your ad anywhere there’s Internet service. The easy-to-use website allows you to select how long you’d like the ad to appear on the website and how many times you’d like it to appear in the newspaper. You can pay by credit card while you’re on the site.
Glancing at marketplace931 on Friday afternoon, there were six yard sale ads for Saturday and one person trying to sell a dining room table. Another person has a number of antiques for sale.
I’m sure the website will grow as more people learn about it and discover it’s a great way to sell their stuff. To check it out, just visit

Farm Bureau Recognized

The fine folks at our local Farm Bureau office are proud to publicize the news that Farm Bureau has been recognized by J.D. Power for the third straight year for highest customer service satisfaction among auto insurers in the Southeast.
The J.D. Power study measured customer satisfaction with auto insurance companies in five areas: interaction, price, policy offerings, billing and payment, and claims. The average score for the Southeast was 816. Yet Farm Bureau of Tennessee exceeded that score and was rated at 844.
Farm Bureau representatives say this score shows their commitment to customer satisfaction is genuine as they strive to provide the best possible experience when handling claims. Farm Bureau Insurance covers more homes and autos than any other insurance company in Tennessee.

David’s BBQ is cooking

Passing motorists may have noticed a drive-thru window has been added to the side of Plaza Shopping Center in the store that was the longtime home to V’s Salon. The drive-thru window has been put in place to serve customers eating at David’s BBQ, which has been open a few weeks.
The restaurant, owned by David Savage, is working hard to get on its feet. If you’re looking for a place to grab lunch, he has a wide selection of items including pulled pork, ribs, wings, and the popular BBQ nachos.
David has lunch specials for $5 that include a meat like BBQ and two sides like baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad. There are also items like fried fish, fried chicken and sauerkraut with summer sausage that will be served three days a week.
“The plan was to operate from the drive-thru window, but then we found out Krystal has exclusive rights to a drive-thru-only business for two more years,” said David. “So we did some work and we added a dining room. We can seat around 20 to 25 in here so it’s a place where people can come and eat or they can take it to go.”
If you like the convenience of the drive-thru, orders can be called in at 259-3022 and be waiting when you arrive. Or you can order as you pull up to the window.
David says customers will love his pulled pork and ribs, which are prepared on premises in a smoker. At $5 for lunch plates, he says his prices are extremely affordable.
David’s BBQ opens at 11 a.m. during the week and has different serving sizes for lunch and dinner. He said working families who want to enjoy a prepared dinner when they get home can give him a call and have their food ready for pick up. David’s BBQ is the first business as you turn into Plaza Shopping Center from New Smithville Highway.

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