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Business Pulse: 6-8-14
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The things we do for charity. I was treated to a unique opportunity at Friday night’s Relay for Life, the opportunity to take a pie to the face to help raise money in the fight against cancer.
For anyone who hasn’t taken a pie to the face, let me say there are better ways to spend your weekend. Catching your hair on fire, falling down an elevator shaft, and being attacked by a bobcat would probably be a few.
When I agreed, very reluctantly, to catch whipped cream pies with my face, I pretty much knew what to expect. I figured some overly exuberant person would jump at the chance to take a pie and really rub it in my face with authority. Little did I know that person would be Mayor Jimmy Haley.
In all honesty, Mayor Haley did jump at the chance to smear pie in my face, but at least he did it respectfully. So I applaud him for what must have been a great deal of restraint.
Frankly, I deserve to get a pie in the face from every member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen as much grief as I give the city. In fact, I heard every alderman was going to come and throw a pie in my face, but they got delayed when they decided instead to pay $10,000 for a study to determine if that was the best course of action.
I think where this pie incident became a pie fiasco is when some WCMS students were allowed to get a 10-yard running start with their pies. By the time they reached me, they were traveling what seemed like 25 mph.
Based on the natural law of physics, the face isn’t meant to absorb such a blow. Fortunately for the rest of my face, my nose took most of the impact. However, this wasn’t necessarily good news for my nose.
One day later, I’m still smelling whipped cream. There’s no telling how far some glob of whipped cream must have gotten jammed up my nose. If the smell doesn’t start to fade soon, it’s really going to increase my ice cream consumption.
Now onto more important things, like this week’s business news.

Building gets finishing touches

It created great interest when Melinda Breedlove had a tent-like building constructed on her property on S. Chancery Street. Everyone was anxious to find out more about this unique structure and what would be moving in there.
Now that the exterior has been finished for over a month, folks have been asking me about what’s moving in there. Melinda said Friday she is finalizing the details with a tenant who she expects to be moving in July 1. She said she will be ready to make an announcement about that tenant in the coming weeks.
“People have been stopping in and asking me if there will be jobs available,” said Melinda, who operates Relax Tax Service next door. “I’m sorry to say there won’t be any new jobs associated with this.”
From the way Melinda talks, it’s a pretty neat business that draws regular customers from Murfreesboro, Cookeville and other areas. I’m anxious for the announcement.
As for Melinda, she’s anxious to get the building completed. It’s 30 feet tall in the center and has a wide open 6,000 square feet with no support beams in the middle.
“It’s a really nice building and I can’t wait to hand the keys over when it’s complete,” said Melinda. “There’s a lot of stress associated with this. When you have a little delay in one area, it backs up everything else behind it.”

Kubota dealer has new home

McMinnville’s Kubota dealer has found a new home in the Mt. Leo area, moving from Beersheba Street .7 miles down the road to Highway 8.
Business owner David Woodlee says it’s been a big production moving so much large farm equipment, but the end is finally in sight.
“We’ve already moved about 20 loads on a gooseneck trailer,” said David. “We’re still finishing up with some little things but we’re for the most part moved in. It’s been tough, especially during our busy season.”
David says he is pleased with the greater amount of room at his new location. He went from having about .75 of an acre to having 3.5 acres of property.
The phone number remains unchanged, 474-1201.

It’s buffet time at Paris Cafe

If there’s one thing Warren County residents seem to enjoy it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. There’s just something about the ability to cram an endless amount of food down our throat that sounds appealing.
It’s with that in mind, Paris Cafe has started an all-you-can-eat Southern lunch buffet that’s available Tuesday thru Friday beginning at 11 a.m. If you’re not familiar with Paris Cafe, it’s tucked away at 58 Hillside Lane in an area that’s not traditionally considered a retail district.
“I didn’t want to get into doing a meat and two because it seems like everybody does a meat and two,” said restaurant owner Teresa Paris. “We bought the buffet bars because we were going to start doing a buffet for breakfast, but when we decided not to do that we changed and decided to do a buffet for lunch. So far it’s seemed to work out well.”
It was two years ago when Teresa got started in the food service business with a trailer located outside her other business, Wellspring Christian Store. She served from the trailer for about six months before moving indoors to a tiny, 12-seat restaurant adjacent to Wellspring.
From there, another addition has expanded the restaurant to 42 seats. Now Teresa says her home cooking has been such a success there are plans for more seats, another addition and expanded hours.
The Southern buffet has certainly been well received because Teresa cooks made-from-scratch food for the bar including real mashed potatoes and yeast rolls made fresh every morning. Bar items include pulled pork, turkey and dressing, lasagna, salisbury steak, fried chicken, green beans and macaroni and cheese.
Current business hours are Tuesday thru Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the end of June, Teresa says Paris Cafe will serve breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday with dinner added on Friday night only. The phone number is 473-3606.

Knowles joins Edward Jones

Andy Knowles is excited to be returning to his hometown to work at Edward Jones Investments at 124 E. Main Street.
Many folks around these parts know Andy and his family well. His father, Levoy, was the longtime general manager at Ben Lomand, and his mother, Teresa, is a retired school teacher.
Growing up, Andy played sports and was active in school functions. He graduated from WCHS in 2005 and from Tennessee Tech in 2010. It was in 2010 he married the former Chelsey O’Kelley.
So that gives you a little bit of background on Andy. He was living in Cookeville and working for Sun Trust Bank when this opportunity came up to work for Edward Jones in McMinnville.
As many of you know, longtime Edward Jones financial advisor Dave Wideman has been trying to retire for years, but things have always come up to keep him on the job. With Andy now on board as an Edward Jones broker, Dave is one step closer to retirement.
“It’s exciting to come back home and do business in the community that helped raise me,” said Andy. “All the advice I give is backed by a team of financial analysts at the Edward Jones corporate office in St. Louis. It’s a very conservative company with a focus on long-term investing. I’m not a day trader. My emphasis is on face-to-face contact and building relationships with my clients so we can work together to meet their financial goals.”
While the stock market is subject to wide fluctuations, the folks at Edward Jones realize your investment strategy doesn’t need to go up and down like the Dow Jones. Andy is an investment professional who will work with you to determine your tolerance for risk and develop an appropriate investment plan.
Andy is currently working out of Dave’s office on Main Street, but he says that will change. He said he will likely get another office once he becomes more established. He can be reached at 473-9615 or by cellphone at 607-0670.

Tammy Jones works to achieve fitness

Most of us don’t want to be flabby couch potatoes. We want to be fit and in shape. However, that can be a difficult goal to attain.
For local resident Tammy Jones, she has shown a rare level of dedication that has allowed her to transform her body over the past year and lose 28 pounds in the process. One of the most amazing aspects of Tammy and her toned physique is she reached her goals after having five children – yes, five. This includes twins who are 3 years old.
“I was taking classes at Tech and that’s really where I got started,” said Tammy. “I started on a treadmill there at Tech. I was too embarrassed to go in the weight room so I just stayed on the treadmill. That’s really where I got my foundation until I joined USA Gym last July.”
After joining USA Gym, manager Paige Northcutt took over. She designed a workout program to meet Tammy’s needs and she has followed the program.
“I’d gone as far as I could with just cardio,” said Tammy. “So I started doing some weight training and it’s snowballed from there. Now it’s yoga, spin class, core class and running. I’ve even done two half marathons.”
In this day when everyone is so concerned about lowering the cost of health care, people so often overlook the most obvious answer. If you want lower health care costs, take better care of your body. The result, as Tammy says, is a better feeling of overall well-being.
“I feel so much better now,” she said. “I can breathe better. I can do more and I can lift more. I no longer have to make excuses with my kids because I don’t have the energy to play with them.”
Tammy said in addition to feeling better physically, it’s amazing how her new level of fitness has helped her mental wellness too. She encourages other local residents who are interested in feeling better to take the initial steps and learn about an exercise program that can meet their needs at USA Gym.
“I have five kids from teens to toddlers,” said Tammy. “I did this while caring for my kids and getting a bachelor’s degree in between. You can find the time if it’s important to you.”
The editors of Business Pulse applaud Tammy Jones for working to better her life and her physical conditioning. If you’d like to learn more about USA Gym, the phone number is 473-9355. The gym has a 24-hour facility and a daycare.

Standard starts Peach Page

I often spend so much time promoting other businesses, I neglect the very business that provides me with a paycheck. I think this is because I’m a very caring individual.
I’d like to draw your attention to a Standard project that’s very much worth mentioning because it’s something you can enjoy that’s absolutely free. It’s called the Peach Page and it’s available every Monday at 10 locations around Warren County.
So what exactly is the Peach Page? That’s a great question. It’s snippets of light-hearted information printed on a peach background for your reading pleasure.
The Peach Page does not contain hard-hitting news or thought-provoking editorials. Instead it’s odds and ends the newspaper staff has compiled we hope will make a quick and entertaining read.
Look for the Peach Page every Monday at the following locations: Foodland Plus, Delores Market, Gondola, Korner Market, Kroger, Medley’s Morrison, River Park, Rock Island Market, Stewart Pharmacy, and Super Rama.
The great thing about the Peach Page is if you read it and don’t particularly enjoy it, you are out absolutely nothing because it’s free!

That’s all folks

If you would like to phone in business tips, my number is (931) 473-2191. If you would like me to volunteer to take a pie to the face, my number is (931) GET-LOST.