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Business Pulse: 5/19/13
Fasten your seatbelt for business news
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Get ready for some fun and excitement this week because I have all sorts of business news in store.
It’s so much news, I’m going to bypass my usual tomfoolery and cut right to the chase so to speak. Besides all the business news, I have to plan for Cupcake’s 40th birthday. It has to be a rather tame celebration because, at her age, I don’t want her to break a hip.
So fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight, although if your living room furniture has a seatbelt that would be weird. Let the ride begin.

New venue opens
for gatherings

If you’re planning a wedding, reunion or special event and want to sprinkle it with rustic charm, then Deer Path Farms is the place to go. The county’s newest event venue opened last weekend in grand fashion with the wedding of Megan Butcher and Jordan Underhill.
The facility offers visitors a chance to relax in a rural setting off Highway 30. It’s located on the property of Brenda Martin who is running Deer Path Farms with the help of catering specialist Janice Kennamer.
“I’ve been wanting to find a venue like this for some time and Brenda had an old barn she wanted to fix up,” said Janice. “Two months later, we’ve gotten this ready.”
Brenda says last weekend’s wedding was a huge hit and has created a great deal of buzz.
“This old barn was the star of the night,” said Brenda. “We had a DJ in the corner and there was a strobe light that looked great coming off the mountain.”
The barn has a covered deck area in the back that has just been added. It’s capable of seating around 200 with the tables and chairs easily moved aside when dining is finished. The area can then be used as a dance floor as the center of attention. In addition to all that space, Brenda says she is in the process of adding a separate 40x60-foot pavilion that will seat about 125 more.
“We’re open for any event you’d like us to host,” said Brenda. “In order to accommodate 250 to 400 people, you have to have space and we have it. Or it can be something as simple as a birthday party. We’re going to be open year-round, even in the winter. We have special siding coming to enclose the deck and we’ll have several heaters available. I’d love to have a Christmas wedding here in the snow.”
Janice has developed a sterling reputation when it comes to her catering and she’s used to cooking for crowds. She catered one event Friday night and two on Saturday where she was preparing food for an estimated 900 people.
With Janice providing food if requested, Brenda available to provide flowers, and Keri Nunley available as a wedding coordinator, Deer Path Farms can be your place for one-stop shopping when it comes to your wedding.
Brenda says she realizes she may have missed out on some of the wedding traffic this summer because weddings are often planned months in advance. But she wants everyone to keep Deer Path Farms in mind for future events. A restored cabin that sleeps up to eight is available if desired.
The facility includes a building called Drinks on the House where beverages are served. Brenda says all kinds of drinks are permissible.
“If it’s a liquid, we’ll pour it,” said Brenda.
Deer Path Farms is located at 166 Molloy Drive off Highway 30. Brenda can be reached by calling 686-2433 and Janice can be reached at 808-9657.

Webb House set
for July opening

It’s literally been years in the making, but the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight for Webb House on Manchester Highway. McMinnville’s newest assisted living facility is inching closer to its scheduled opening date in July.
The facility is an asset to this community for a number of reasons. For starters, it fills a need for more assisted living space in Warren County.
It’s also a huge boost for the property tax base as it turns what had been a large field into a multi-million dollar development. And it’s going to be a benefit to the local economy as Webb House is projected to have 40 to 50 employees once it gets near capacity.
Webb House owner Alan Webb is proud to announce the first person hired at the local facility is Rick Webb, who is the administrator. Rick says he will start hiring for other positions in the next week or two.
Rick grew up in the Keltonburg area near Green Hill and joined the Air Force in 1982 after graduating from high school. He served as a flight medic who was active for both Iraq wars and Afghanistan. During one mission to Iraq aboard a large C-17 plane, Rick helped care for 105 patients in critical condition.
“It was like a flying hospital,” he said.
With some much healthcare experience, overseeing the assisted living facility should seem like a walk in the park.
Alan says 10 of his units have already been reserved, including one to a married couple. The units come in all different sizes from studio apartment to two-bedroom units. Some units come with a screened-in porch. All units are equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and kitchen sink.
When you consider the spacious common areas that are shared, like a nicely landscaped courtyard and a recreation room that will feature a pool table and big-screen TV, Webb House residents will not be pressed for space.
If you’re looking for luxury, Webb House will have its own beauty shop and spa. There will be a full-time activities director to keep the schedule full of events.
In addition to assisted living, there’s a 20-bed memory care center for people suffering from dementia. This area is designed differently with the special needs of the memory care patients in mind.
For more information on Webb House or to reserve your room, call 668-WEBB.

Petting zoo
not on the way

I’ve been surprised by how many questions I’ve received about the animals Scottie Keel is accumulating at his property on Morrison Street by the old Ben Lomand Drive-In. The latest round of questions come as Scottie is constructing a building that looks like a drive-thru window.
The new building has led people to believe Scottie may have some sort of petting zoo in mind with the building serving as a place to pay before driving inside. While it sounds like a great idea, Scottie says that is not the plan.
“The ticket booth to the old drive-in was located in that area, but it was falling down,” said Scottie. “I thought I would rebuild it sort of as a piece of nostalgia. We are not planning a petting zoo.”
I’ve always thought a zoo would be a great addition to the greater Warren County area. Considering I’ve traveled to zoos in Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis, I firmly believe it would be a great tourist attraction.
But I don’t know if the funding is available for a zoo. This would be a good question for the Standard’s online reader poll. Would you be in favor of a 10-cent tax increase to construct a Warren County zoo?

Record and music
store is coming

Angela McCormack is working on a new business venture on the corner of Main and Chancery streets where she already operates Pure Logic Tax Service. The new business will be called Little Big Sound Museum & Records and it will offer albums, along with CDs and merchandise from local bands.
“We will take consignment and offer vinyl records,” said Angela. “We will also have music from bands in this area who don’t have a place to sell their CDs other than the Internet. We hope it will be more than a record store. With the museum, we will have information on 8-tracks and the recording industry through the years. We’ll even have jams on the sidewalk every Saturday.”
Angela says she’s still several weeks away from opening and is shooting for the second week of June. I’ll provide more information when the store is up and running.

More Mexican
options coming

Get ready to brace for this astonishing announcement. A new Mexican restaurant is on the verge of opening this week on Smithville Highway next to L&M Carpet.
This will be a new Mexican restaurant with a twist. All the food will be prepared inside a taco truck parked outside the building, but customers will have the option to take the food inside where there will be tables and bathrooms. A deck is also supposedly in the works for outdoor dining.
Cesar Sanchez-Ibarra is the owner and plans are to be open this week.
Speaking of L&M Carpet, I was chatting with owner Lanny Watson on Friday and he wanted to make one clarification. He would like everyone to know he is not affiliated with the car lot that recently opened next to L&M Carpet called Watson Auto Sales. Lanny says everyone mistakenly believes he has gone into the car business, but that is not the case.
“I rent them the lot but that’s the extent of it,” said Lanny. “It’s a total coincidence that we are both Watsons. I have nothing to do with that business other than the fact they pay me rent.”
I too must admit I thought Lanny had gone into the car business when I drove by and saw the Watson Auto Sales sign next to L&M Carpet. Having two Watsons so close together is confusing.

River Park has
new HR lady

Teresa Atnip has rejoined the staff at River Park Hospital as the director of human resources. That means if you want a job at the hospital, it will pay to be extra nice to her.
Teresa says River Park is currently looking for quality individuals to add to its staff in a variety of positions from security to food service. She says the hospital continually looks to recruit new doctors.
It’s Teresa’s second time around at River Park. She landed her first full-time job with River Park in 1995 and worked there for about 10 years. That was when the hospital was owned by HCA. Teresa left to move around to other positions with HCA, most recently at Summitt Medical Center in Hermitage.
Now she’s back at her old stomping ground and she’s ready to hire.
“The things I look for most are enthusiasm and a caring spirit,” said Teresa in describing how she determines which applicant will get the job. “I look for people I think will take an interest in other people.”
The editors of Business Pulse would like to give Teresa a warm welcome back home.

That’s all folks

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