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Business Pulse 12-8-13
'Duck Dynasty' inspires church attire
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To get in the Christmas spirit, Business Pulse is proud to offer a collection of church sign sayings to warm your heart.Also of note is a church story coming from Pennsylvania where a preacher who apparently watches too much “Duck Dynasty” is encouraging his congregation to come to church in camouflage this Sunday.Rev. Chris Terbush maintains he hasn’t lost his mind.“Ultimately, the major goal is to draw new parishioners,” Terbush told the Bradford Era newspaper. “I thought it’d be neat, if nothing else, to show the community who we are.”The camouflage request also comes a day before deer hunting season begins in Pennsylvania on Monday and Terbush says he’s a big outdoorsman. He plans to preach Sunday’s sermon in his hunting clothes, although the congregation will probably be pleased if he refrains from dousing himself in deer urine as some hunters do.Terbush says he’s hopeful this “Duck Dynasty” camo day can become an annual tradition.