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Business Pulse: 10-5-14
Bill Holt sign
New signs are in place and Bill Holt Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is now open at 1600 Sparta Street across from River Park Hospital. The dealership had 108 new vehicles on the lot Friday afternoon with plans to increase inventory to around 200 new vehicles.

The big business news in today’s edition made its way to the front page as Bill Holt Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is now in the spot long occupied by the Edd Rogers dealership.
This is a promising business development and one which will benefit the entire community. Speaking for myself, I’m excited about having a thriving Chevrolet dealer with a wide selection of vehicles once again operating in McMinnville.
As a longtime Chevy fan, I went out of town to buy a Chevy Malibu five years ago when I took advantage of the government’s Cash for Clunkers program. This is because, right or wrong, I didn’t feel comfortable buying a new car from a place with six cars on the lot.
Last year, when it was Cupcake’s turn to get a car, we were determined to buy local so we went to Kidd Ford. It was a pleasant experience and it has given Terry Kidd a chance to earn our repeat business, which he may very well do.
That said, I still like the sight of Bill Holt Chevrolet filling up with vehicles. It gives the impression of a vibrant economy and car sales will help locally through sales tax collections.
If you remember back to the heyday of Edd Rogers when that dealership was operating in high gear in the early to mid 2000s, there could be over 100 new cars rolling off the lot during a good month. When you consider the price of a new vehicle today and the sales tax collected, it doesn’t take long to see how 100 car sales a month will really benefit our tax base.
Bill seems like a down-to-earth guy who is really committed to providing top-notch customer service. I see Bill Holt Chevrolet as a great addition to the Warren County business community.

Video game store ready for action

Many of us have had a touch of sadness in our hearts since Hastings closed some 18 months ago. For all the folks who loved the DVD and video game aspect of Hastings, a new store is on the way. It’s called Game X Change and it will be located right across from the old Hastings spot next to La Cazona at Northgate Center.
Chris Runyan is the store owner and this will be his eighth Game X Change location. The chain has 60 stores that are owned by three different owners. Chris told me Friday his plans are to open the week of Oct. 20, which is two weeks away. He said he will have crews in town beginning Wednesday remodeling the store.
“We’ll buy, sell and trade video games and that includes all formats and the hardware and consoles,” said Chris. “We’ll go all the way back to Atari and offer new and used. We’ll carry items you can’t find anywhere else and literally have thousands and thousands of titles to choose from. This will include new and used DVDs, some Blu-ray box sets, and tons of video game titles.”
This is starting to sound like my type of store. And yes, I do still have my Atari 2600 complete with about 30 video games including Pitfall, Asteroids, and Combat.
Chris also said he plans to carry a large selection of used Apple products such as iPods and iPhones. He said other electronic devices such as tablets and e-readers will also be offered.
“The store will be a cool environment so I think people will look forward to coming in a couple times a week,” Chris said.
Chris said his plans are to hire a full-time manager and between four to seven part-time employees. For more information about the store, or to fill out an employment application, visit

Pish La Ki back in business

On our way to World Peace Day last weekend, we passed Pish La Ki and I wondered what’s been happening in recent years at the once-thriving restaurant and entertainment venue. As it turns out, Pish La Ki is just recently back in business after being shut down for more than five years.
Tisa Dixson is the property owner and she has grand plans for the 70-acre facility that includes an amphitheater, cozy apartment available for weekend getaways, and a community room to accommodate parties and special events.
“This is a great event venue,” said Tisa, who reopened Pish La Ki for events in June. “It can be reserved for weddings, birthday parties, or just about anything. We’ve already had a car show up here and we’ve reopened the upstairs area for weekend rentals. It’s been popular with people coming into town to hear music at Cumberland Caverns.”
Pish La Ki will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s where Cupcake and I had our wedding reception over 16 years ago. Outside of that occasion, I thought the restaurant was a nice place to go on the weekends as Burgess and Janie Luna worked hard to create a nice, social atmosphere.
Tisa said folks are always asking her about the restaurant and there are no plans to reopen that. However, she said catering is available and she wants to be an active part of the community. For example, she will be holding a Halloween haunted forest Oct. 31 from 4 to 9 p.m. that’s open to the public. There will be a costume contest, a storyteller on hand, and plenty of candy for the kids.
She said because Harrison Ferry Mountain residents aren’t blessed with trick-or-treaters, they are welcome to come to Pish La Ki and participate in trunk-or-treat if they want to see cute kids dressed in costume.
One business that’s set up shop on the Pish La Ki grounds is Simplified Yogi, a holistic healing wellness center that offers a wide array of unique services such as sound therapy, reiki healing, massage, aroma therapy, guided meditation, breathing exercises and yoga classes. Simplified Yogi is operated by Tracy Martin, Trechia James, and Tonia Farmer.
The idea is to increase mental focus, decrease stress levels, and improve overall health with the powerful tools of these different types of therapies. Simplified Yogi has the perfect setting nestled in the rustic and relaxing confines of Pish La Ki. It’s a great place to unwind and rejuvenate.
I plan to write more about Simplified Yogi at a later date. If you’d like more information, you can call Tracy at 607-2154 or visit
To reserve Pish La Ki for your special event, Tisa can be reached at (215) 266-4395, or visit

Tim’s Motors offers more

With all the excitement surrounding the arrival of Bill Holt Chevrolet, there’s more automotive news taking place across town at Tim’s Motors. The business, owned by Tim and Stacey Floyd, has decided to expand into a full-service repair shop with Brian Fowler hired as the service manager.
“We have an awful big shop and we can take care of a lot of cars here,” said Brian. “We will service what we sell and we’ll be looking for new customers too.”
Tim’s Motors has a huge sales lot and extremely large service area. As many folks may remember, its location on Smithville Highway near McDonald’s was once home to McMinnville’s Dodge dealership.
Tim said hiring Brian is a great fit for his business because of his experience in the car industry. Brian began working at a parts store when he was 16 and has been on the service side of automotive repair for 12 years.
“People have been asking us about expanding and doing more repair work for years,” said Tim. “We’ve finally made the commitment to do it and that’s why we teamed up with Brian.”
Tim’s Motors got its start in October 1997 and has been at the old Dodge dealership since 2009. The business continues to offer window tinting and custom wheels and sells all types of tires.
 It also has a car rental business. For more information, call 474-TIMS.

MES to have grand celebration

I'm sure most of you have already heard, but I thought I'd at least make a brief mention of McMinnville Electric System's 75th anniversary celebration which is this Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
If there's one thing we can be thankful for, it's the electricity we enjoy in our homes and at work to power our TVs, our computers, and just about anything else that's fun.
The editors of Business Pulse are proud of MES and what it's doing to keep our energy rates as low as possible. Thanks for 75 great years, and of course we hope for 75 more.

New hair studio is styling

Stacy Nicole’s Hair Studio has opened on S. Chancery Street under the ownership of Stacy Malone. The new business has a talented staff that includes Tracy Cantrell, Maisha Hayes and Mileah Crawford.
The ladies are excited to get the business up and running and have a beautiful fall display outside their door. Inside, Stacy Nicole’s is a full-service salon that provides cuts, colors, hair extensions, wigs, waxing, facials, and body treatments to cleanse and exfoliate.
If you’d like to see what this new business can do for your look, stop by or call 743-7226.

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