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Afterthoughts 6-4
My kind of town
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Spending quality time with your grandchildren is important, and recently I had grandsons Ian and Elliot stay with me at work while their mother kept an appointment. 
The weather was beautiful so I got the idea to take them on a walking tour of downtown McMinnville just to acclimate them to various businesses.
Our first stop was to the post office to mail a letter. To our advantage there was no one waiting, so Mrs. Glenda took time to talk to the boys about stamps, collections and the way to address an envelope. I took the opportunity to encourage them to remember to write letters, especially thank you letters. There’s nothing like receiving a real letter in the mailbox.
Regions Bank was next on the list, with them watching my deposit transaction. Once again, it was not crowded, and Ms. Melody and Mrs. Lisa took time to visit with the boys and answer questions. A big treat there was getting to see inside the vault.
Court officer Herb Rowland met us at the door of the courthouse, making sure we didn’t have any cellphones or weapons on us before we entered the building. We decided we would just visit with him a while in the lobby, and he enlightened the boys in many areas.
Monty Wanamaker’s museum was our next stop, and probably the boys’ favorite. I mean it’s hard to beat an officer with a gun, or a lady with a key to the vault, but Monty had fossilized shark teeth and historic Indian artifacts, just to name a couple of amazing things in the museum. He was so welcoming, answered the boys’ questions and even gave them parting gifts.
The Weathered Arrow was next, because I couldn’t miss the opportunity to shop a little. But it seems Ian and Elliot found a gift that was just right for their Father’s Day present to their dad.
Juicy’s was a fun experience, one that was met with some questioning looks. Mrs. India was very helpful and suggested we try the peanut butter bar. Ian and I thought it was delicious …Elliot not so much.
McMinnville’s beautiful park was next, and with the lovely flowers, green grass, flowing fountain and historical Hebe, and as we say in the South, just wanted to sit a spell. We watched them working on the steeple of the historical First United Methodist Church.
I talked to them about the Chamber of Commerce, historical markers, the Park Theater and how the area has changed since I was growing up in Warren County. The boys were very receptive and had several questions.
But the biggest question was, “Can we go to Topz to get frozen yogurt?” To which I said yes.