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Afterthoughts 12-25
A very clogged Christmas
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Nothing says Christmas like a clogged drain! This is truly happening to me, and sounds like something from a Griswold Christmas. Among all the cooking, cleaning and dish washing, something happened to the normally smooth running drain.
The sluggish drain joins the list of maladies such as lights not working and loss of hot water. You see, we are in the middle of another renovation to our 100 plus year-old home.
Five years ago, I enjoyed the process of modernizing my kitchen, and said it would be a while before I started another project. Well, the not-so-attractive bedroom wallpaper, cracked bathtub and disorganized utility room changed my mind, and we are in the middle of making more changes.
My bedroom now has more electrical outlets, will soon have a walk-in shower, and hopefully, the clothes dryer will be vented to an outside wall. 
So basically, three major rooms and an entrance hall is closed off from the rest of the living quarters, leaving us with a den, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Now that I think about it, that’s about the space we started with 47 years ago.
We will be having our usual Christmas dinner with three children, their spouses and five grandchildren, plus other family members dropping by. Needless to say, we are a close-knit family, and they don’t mind if tarps close off part of the house, everything is slightly dusty and might even smell funny. We will just make jokes about it, and go on with our celebrating.
That’s the way Christmas gatherings should be, relaxed and fun. I say relaxed, but as relaxed as I can be after wrapping presents, all the while hoping I got everybody something, and preparing dinner featuring a country cured ham.
Christmas should be filled with memories, and I certainly have some wonderful memories of the holiday with family and friends. The country ham brings back memories of my mother-in-law, who could prepare the best ham ever. I try to recreate her version, and sometimes I think I have mastered it, while others, I’m not so sure.
Many memories I hold dear are from Christmases with our children, and look forward to more with them and their families.
Griswold or Hobbs Christmas, one in the same – always good for a laugh.