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Wedding Announcement Form


Fill in the following information for the wedding announcement and it will be submitted directly to our editorial staff for publication in the paper. Please send all pictures to as well as information for payment.

Full name of Bride
Full name of Groom
Name of bride's parents and address (Indicate married, divorced or deceased)
Name of groom's parents and address (Indicate married, divorced or deceased)
Grandparents of bride (Indicate if deceased and address)
Grandparents of groom (Indicate if deceased and address)
Date and time that wedding will take place.
Venue that ceremony will take place, including the city
First & last name
Band or instrumental program during ceremony
As much detail as possible regarding colors, theme, etc.
First & last name, relationship to bride
Style, color, and other pertinent details pertaining to gown and veil
Flowers and arrangement included in bride's bouquet
Please state if attendants are related to couple, include their address
Theme, colors, flowers and other applicable details to reception venue's appearance
This e-mail will be used in the event there are any questions or concerns regarding your submission
Good number to reach you for any questions, concerns, or clarification needed for your submission
Information that you feel should be included that was not in previous fields provided. There is no character limit