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Standard welcomes readers to Customer Appreciation Day
Four-year-old Logan Meyer tolerates ketchup slipping from his hot dog onto his shirt during Customer Appreciation Day held Friday at the Standard office.

Southern Standard readers are the best. Many tell us how much they enjoy our newspaper and how they read it from cover to cover. The community paper started in 1879 with just a few black and white pages, and today boasts color advertisements and photos displayed over three sections filled with local, state and national news.  The staff has received many accolades for excellence over the years from the Tennessee Press Association.
“I’ve been subscribing to the newspaper for about 45 years,” said Ruby Schrock as she took advantage of special subscription rates available Friday at the Southern Standard’s Customer Appreciation Day.
“I love all of the paper, but especially the Lifestyle section, and I like to read Duane Sherrill’s stuff,” said Schrock.
Guests started filing into the office at 11 a.m., with many registering for the slate of door prizes, before securing their subscription. Then it was off to the refreshment table, where hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks were available. Some enjoyed their treat on site, with many taking them home or to the car to enjoy.
Jimmy Penny took his food to the car where his wife, Jane, waited in the warm sunshine.
“We love to read the newspaper and have been subscribing for 30 years,” said Jane. “I like to read it so I can keep up with what is going on. Since I’m disabled, I can’t get out as much as I would like.”
The unusually warm weather brought folks out, with hundreds of visitors stopping by, with Standard staff preparing and serving approximately 400 hot dogs.
Linda Davidoff and her 11-year-old granddaughter Annie registered for the door prizes and renewed their subscription.
“I’m so glad we have a newspaper, because so many places are closing down or going strictly online,” said Davidoff.
Publisher Patricia Zechman expressed her appreciation to the public and to our customers.
“We had a beautiful day for Customer Appreciation Day, and we are thankful for the many kind words and expressions of support offered from the community,” said Zechman. “We hope to live up to their expectations for many, many more years.”