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Tennessee Highway Patrol welcomes potential troopers
Training is under way for the current class of 48 men and women looking to become members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

If you’d like to be the long arm of the law, a career with the Tennessee Highway Patrol might be for you.
Training began earlier this month for a new cadet class of 48 men and women looking to become state troopers.
Lt. Bill Miller says the Tennessee Highway Patrol maintains a continuous search for quality troopers and says three factors make a person a preferred candidate. Miller says those factors are: 1) four years of military service, 2) four years as a police officer, or 3) a four-year college degree.
“More than anything, we’re looking for good, moral people,” said Miller. “That means no criminal record, no DUI convictions, a valid driver license, and a good credit history. We do look at credit history because that shows responsible behavior.”
Miller stressed cadet training is a test of determination. He said the group of 48 men and women currently working to become cadets started as a group of 55 less than three weeks ago.
“It’s tough and it’s rigorous,” said Miller of the 22-week course. “We’d rather graduate one person who earned it than graduate 55 who skated through it.”
He said there are roughly 875 uniformed troopers across the state. Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposed budget includes funding for 12 additional state troopers.
“It’s one of the wealthiest jobs in the world in terms of the feeling of satisfaction you get at the end of the day,” said Lt. Miller.
The 22-week course began Feb. 1. Cadets will learn, train, and perform tasks proving they are up to the challenge to become members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. After training, the cadets will graduate and undergo 10 more weeks of field training.
“Our state troopers assume a lot of responsibilities, and they and their family members have to make a lot of sacrifices in service to the public. We are fortunate to have an excellent class of cadets who seek to join the ranks of state troopers,” said Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.
If you’d like to receive information about the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s next cadet class, visit the state website: