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Snow Princess Pageants 2014
Four lovely ladies crowned
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Four new queens were crowned Saturday in the annual Snow Princess Pageants. The events took place in the Warren County High School auditorium, with proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville.
Katherine (Katie) Tubb, daughter of Joy and John Tubb, was named Miss Snow Princess; Teagan Blair, daughter of Andrew and Angela Blair, Preteen; Lauren Mansfield, daughter of Mike and Brandie Mansfield, Young Miss; and Keira Reynolds, daughter of Blaka and Nikki Reynolds, Little Miss.
Miss Snow Princess
Katie Tubb was chosen for the Miss title from a field of seven contestants. The 17-year-old was also awarded the People’s Choice Award, and best dress honors. Others in the royal court are Tori Inman, daughter of Kathy and Randy Inman, first, personality and best interview; Kelsey Lawrence, daughter of Dena and David Upton, second, best hair and eyes; and Caitlin Stoner, third. Most photogenic and smile awards went to Hannah Turner, daughter of Chad and Jennifer Turner. Contestant Lauren McDonald, daughter of Daria and Randle Myers was named Miss Congeniality. 
Twelve beauties vied for the Preteen title, with Teagan Blair coming out on top. Other court members include: Macie Powers, daughter of Katie Wilson, dress award and first; Kaylin Barrett, daughter of Elizabeth Smith, smile award and second; Olivia Snyder, daughter of Chris and Kelley Snyder, third; and Karlie Marie Lynch, daughter of Michael and Danielle Lynch, personality and fourth. 
Contestant MaKayla Mooneyham, daughter of Miranda Roberts, and Sherman Mooneyham, was named Most Photogenic and prettiest eyes. The People’s Choice award went to Hannah St. John, daughter of Carrie and William St. John; and the Community Relations Award went to Taylor Turner, daughter of Kevin and Amanda Turner. Natalie Bond, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bond, earned best hair honors.
Young Miss
Lauren Mansfield was chosen for the title from a field of 16 young ladies. She was also awarded the best dress award. Others in the court are Natalie Snipes, daughter of Michelle and Tim Snipes, smile and first; Alondra Parada-Jimenez, daughter of Jocelyn Jimenez, personality and second; Katherine Gassaway, daughter of Jilianna Gassaway, and Kelly Gassaway, People’s Choice and third; and Breanna Daniel, daughter of Lesli and Darren Parson, fourth.
Chloe Rogers, daughter of Mary Beth and Marcus Taylor, was named Most Photogenic; Leela Beaty, daughter of Candy and Philip Beaty, best hair; and Rosa Terrazas, daughter of Porfirio and Sue Terrazas, best eyes and Community Relations Award. 
Contestants named to the Top 11, in addition to the court members, include: Addison Roller, daughter of John and Chana Roller; Kyleigh Ramsey, daughter of Dewayne and Candy Ramsey; Karagen Hillis, daughter of Misty Hillis; Ellisyn Cripps, daughter of Troy and Jamie Cripps; Leela Beaty; and Chloe Rogers.
Little Miss
Seven-year-old Keira Reynolds claimed the Little Miss title, as well as the smile award, from a group of 19 contestants. Royal court members include: Lily Rains, daughter of Johnny and Tonya Rains, Most Photogenic and first; Jenna Mullins, daughter of Mike and Tina Mullins, hair and second; Rylie Mabe, daughter of Donna Mears and Jenny Crouch, People’s Choice, and third; and Sophie Crabtree, fourth. The Community Relations Award was given to Brooklyn Turner, daughter of Kevin and Amanda Turner. Other awards were presented to Annie Lassiter, daughter of Jodie and Jennifer Lassiter, dress; Presley Bonner, daughter of Cody and Candace Pryor, and Breu and Melissa Bonner, personality; and Briley Jones, daughter of Randi Hutchings, and Jonathan Jones, eyes.
In addition to the court, contestants named to the Top 10 are Grace Rangel, daughter of Antonio and Rosalin Rangel; Aniston Smith, daughter of Nicole Smith, and J.J. Smith; Heaven Horn, daughter of T.J. and Shonda Horn; Annie Lassiter; and Brooklyn Turner.