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Quilt show held at Three Star Mall
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The handmade quilt tells stories of our past like a colorful history book. It reflects on real people and tells of happenings in their lives. Many quilts are passed down for other generations to use and enjoy. Quilts are made, mostly by women, to mark important passages in life, remember family or friendships, to keep us warm, or to keep us busy reusing fabric.
Locally the Hearth and Home Quilters Guild is working diligently to preserve the art of quilting, and eagerly share the knowledge with others. They recently held a quilt display and demonstration at Three Star Mall marking their 25th anniversary.
The guild became official in 1986, as it was welcomed into the state organization, Tennessee Valley Quilters Association. They immediately got involved in the community by participating in the Warren County HDC Historic Quilt Project of 1986, working on the quilt which hangs in the county administrative building. Over the years, club members have shown quilts, given demonstrations and participated in events all across the state and nation. The group was asked if they would sponsor Assembly Day 1998, and they did, embarking on a huge task of organizing the event held in Crossville. The day was a huge success, where 243 ladies participated.
Charter member Dianne Page served as president of the group for 12 years, and in 1999 started the Hearth and Home Quilters Newsletter. She also filled that position for 12 years, with current president Linda Lusk compiling the newsletter now. Other current officers serving are Andrea Mitchell, vice president; Barbara Welch, secretary-treasurer; and Frances Ledford, TVQA reporter. 
The group recently gathered at Three Star Mall to celebrate their 25th Anniversary of Quilting in Warren County. Members showcased their talents and skills, with live quilting demonstrations; demonstrated their service to community and introduced new people to the art of quilting.
Brenda Clark was the chairperson for the day, which was held in conjunction with the National Day of Quilting. “Quilting is a fun pastime for us, something we enjoy and can do some good for the community,” said Clark. “We do all kinds of handiwork, not just quilts.”
The group still attends Assembly Days, makes and donates approximately 30 baby quilts each year to Families in Crisis, makes hospice quilts, donates quilts to soldiers and their families, donates quilts to local crisis victims, in addition to working with the guild and participating in other shows and seminars. Just this year they have voted to make stuffed animals for Children’s Advocacy, and to adopt a child at Christmas. In further observance of their anniversary, the group will be holding a special event each quarter of this year to showcase their talents and community commitment.
Members displayed a lovely collection of quilts on the stage at the mall. Perhaps Clark’s crayola quilts drew the most attention, as she explained the technique of actually using crayons to color the design on the fabric. Some of their quilts used the old art of handquilting, but many are now machine quilted, utilizing several designs on one masterpiece.
Quilting is now being learned by a new generation of quilters of all ages. An example is Virginia and Abby Oaks, who along with son Robbie, visited the show. They all are amazed at the intricate work on the quilts, and the hard work that goes into each one.
“I love to sew now, making doll clothes and other things,” said Abby. “I want to learn to quilt, and I think Mom does too.”
With such a wide array of fabrics and accessories available, and with the help of the guild members, the possibilities are endless for the mother and daughter team. Upon hearing the news they were going to learn to quilt, Robbie, 7, said he wanted to learn too. 
The Hearth and Home Quilters Guild meets the second Monday of each month at Westwood Church of Christ from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m., and everyone is welcome to attend.